farewell to blue

my final little blue beauty to share before we move on to wonderful pink over at kari's year of color blog. it has been wonderful and well worth the very small fee to be a part of this:)

just a random thrift store find

and the beautiful handmade roses i found at angela's lollishop! sorry for the blur...


beautiful bargain

i was at target today and look what i found!!! these simply shabby chic collapsible laundry baskets...marked down to $4.64 each!!!!! to say i am thrilled is certainly an understatement.

the jar of old sewing supplies that i found a few years ago at a crafter's mall.


i found my laundry room...

silly, i know, but i am excited about rediscovering my laundry room...it has been literally buried under clothes, empty baskets, full baskets, dirty laundry, clean laundry, new clothes, outgrown clothes...for years! i would start on it many, many times and then get overwhelmed and leave it in disarray. today i worked in this space for hours and hours - and i am so pleased to see the progress. it's the little things. really.


beautiful blue

i am just loving kari's year of color blog...looking at the beautiful blues this month prompted me to go in search of the little touches of this gorgeous color that are in my home. i adore this precious tattered little blue shade that i found at a flea market.

and the gorgeous colors of this artwork, found in a duluth, mn antique store.

and finally, this stool - discovered at a garage sale...love it!


simple beauty

a favorite lo from last summer, using one of the beautiful label tulip kits...


one more gift

another vintage project for my friend, lori, in ohio. (i cannot recall where i found this image, but i will come back and edit if i remember.) i know that xmas feels very out of season already; but i just mailed this package out 2 days ago...and still wanted to post it here.



honestly another one of my top ten gifts ever! this beautiful silverware windchime was my gift from my local friend, jennifer...thank you, jenn!


pretty little things

this little guy has become my favorite...what a precious little face. and i love his soft colors, too.

ok - this little thrift store birdcage has lots of possibility...likely i will remove its floral "finery"

a few of my favorite little vintage button push pins on my inspiration board

and the ubiquitous tin stars - hung above my inspiration board in my studio


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