autumnal splendor (and melancholy)

"Then summer fades and passes and October comes. We'll smell smoke then, and feel an unexpected sharpness, a thrill of nervousness, swift elation, a sense of sadness and departure."- Thomas Wolfe

(all photos from country living)


so simple...

when i walked into my favorite thrift store a few days ago, the clerk nonchalantly announced that everything in the store was 50% off:) and this is a reasonably priced store to begin with. (not all of our local thrift stores are, as i'm sure happens everywhere.) i would have bought these pieces, regardless, but i know you other junkers understand the rush of getting an incredible deal! yes, i know that there are many bloggers out there who find incredible trash for free...and my heart races when i read those stories...but i was very happy when i paid less than 5.00 for these three lovely glass pieces and the wonderful wood and wicker tray!

i'm sure looking forward to all the posts that our texas junker friends will be sharing in the next week or two! it makes me long to be ensconced in the paris room again after a long day of tromping through dusty fields...sigh. i guess i'll just settle for reading my old posts and reminiscing:)


black friday

thank you to jill over at the gypsy fleamarket for hosting this new "black friday" blog party:) please consider joining, won't you?
here are my vintage treasures for today...all in beautiful black. it's funny - i dress in black almost daily, i choose black shoes and purses every time, and yet i thought it would be hard to find items around my home that are vintage black. there are more than i realized - but they are mostly small items - accents, if you will. i love black!

i love these old black oval photo frames so much that i am paralyzed...i don't know what to do with them! so i display them as they are - and they are beautiful:)

my most recent junking thrill - this large old chippy clock

all the things i love - vintage; sepia tones with black accents; and numbers:) old clocks are one of my junking passions...

i'm off to start my black friday rounds...thank you, jill!


so spooky...

this button for the gypsy brocante blog party is elegant, isn't it? i just love it! i will have to work a bit to come up with photos of my favorite vintage black finds...but i can't wait until tomorrow, and the first of the "black friday" posts!


a few more junking treasures

i passed this by a few weeks ago at a thrift store (?) and have thought about it ever since. however i was feeling pretty accepting of the fact that it likely would be gone when i next had a chance to make the junking run. oh how glad i am to be wrong! it is just beautiful - and it's much larger than i recalled, too.

two (free!) floral vases

a chunk of burlap and an older receipt book with carbons intact:)

i do love this smelly little piece of cloth (what is that odor with burlap, anyway?)

faded and pretty old sheet music

i like both the sentiment and the colors, typography on this one

and i couldn't resist this one...it's perfect for display right now, i think.

a musty and crusty old "goode's school atlas"

now i'm off to do some cleaning and organizing. happy wednesday to you:)


weekend discoveries

not all of these things were found at garage sales...like this wonderful ivory clock, discovered for a very good price at our local antique mall

garage sale

garage sale. this really needs a thorough cleaning, yes?

these lovely repro pool balls were found at tj maxx! i only go there about three times a year - and these have to be one of my favorite non junk/non vintage finds ever:)

there were two bags left and i bought both. and fyi - they are 12.99 per bag. i'll likely feel guilty and end up taking one bag back...i'm funny like that.

garage sale. original box. the pleasant older gentleman who sold them to me even sang the little buster brown advertisement jingle from days gone by...priceless!

garage sale for only fifty cents ( i still feel tacky when i mention prices, but i know that i love to read all the details on others' blogs!)

i found this glass wall lamp at a garage sale and then added the darling little vintage shade that i found at a flea market several years ago...

thanks for stopping over:)


i love wicker

we only have three pieces to this worn set that i found several years ago at a thrift store. this just caught my eye this morning as i was looking through my summer photos...if you have any white wicker photos that you love, please post a link:)


my own etsy

i'm a medical person...i've never worked in sales of any kind, or had a shop, or sold anything, outside of a garage sale now and then. but the truth is, i have too many items that i've collected that i never use or display. so i opened up a little etsy shop in the past couple of weeks, and this feels like a "safe" way to go about trying my hand at selling a few treasures:) no pressure or deadlines, other than shipping; no life or death decisions. i hope.

two of these items have sold, but i just wanted to share the photos here:) i continue to be a very happy, if not obsessed, etsy shopper...so this will be a break even deal, at best! and that's just fine...

vintage patina


white again

i'm so inspired by all the wonderful blogs that i follow...what a gift to have access to so much talent, creativity, beauty:) today i was inspired to look around at little bits and pieces of white around our home and share them here.

pretty wood frames that i finally painted

i have a strong attachment to this silly little leather bag with zipper...but i don't know what i'll do with it, really:)

a corner of my older son's desk

white is so calming, beautiful, timeless, and perfect...i love it.


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