a valentine swap

a quick post to let you know of a lovely swap i joined over at cathy's treasured heirlooms. it is the first swap she has hosted and i just love the swap theme and requirements! go on over and join if you're interested - the sign-up ends on friday, january 8.


vintage xmas monday {and a swap}

first of all - thank you to joan at anything goes here - this has been a wonderful blog party, joan! i have loved participating and i still hope to make it around to other blogs - i'm so glad you are leaving the link list up for a little while yet. thanks again:)

these reproduction photo frames are a favorite of mine - i haven't seen many like them. i wanted to share them with you even thought i have not yet put the photos in for this year. darling images and i like the unusal color of the painted wood:)

and then i must share with you one of the simply wonderful items i received in my sparkling winter white swap package from shara. i am beyond thrilled with this cozy, darling, sparkly little house she made for me! look at all the special little details...and i really love the sheet music covered base. this house is so me...i don't know how she got it so right:)

and not only that - this darling little house was only a part of the many treasures i received - here are a couple more: delicate snowflakes, old crystals, and the most vintage looking paperweight that shara made, as well.

and a little pair of ivory angels...hmmm...more angels?!?

happy holidays to everyone!


vintage xmas monday, et al

due to a houseful of 2 influenza-stricken children and 1 husband (make that 3 children)...i am more than a bit random...forgive me for not following the rules exactly today, joan! your vintage christmas monday has been so much fun - thank you...

i can see that i need to stop making disclaimers about angels, and how i don't really seek them out or collect them. when i sorted through my totes of decorations, i found even more. look at these sweet and yes, angelic faces!

my handiwork this week-end, made from both new and vintage buttons. i still have spots i want to fill in - but i'm loving this, over all. it was therapeutic to stick pins in this tree (and my fingers, occasionally) in between picking up used tissues, giving cool baths, and administering ibuprofen. !!!ack!!!

i don't know what to say - i found her this year at the thrift store.

and she is part of my sparkling winter white swap package, awaiting the chance to be mailed off to the southern US

she came in her original box

and i just have to tell you that after i posted about my vintage ceramic tree last week, another wonderful blogger, vintage girl at heart, left a comment pointing me to ebay for replacement bulbs...and now i have a lovely all white tree!!!

i thought i'd show you the original box it came in - wonderful, yes?

and a last set of angels - i had truly forgotten all about these girls

have a wonderful week - and may you all stay well:)


sparkling winter white swap

i've been finishing up my swap package for my partner in the sparkling winter white swap. this is the first swap i've done since last summer and i really enjoyed getting back into swap mode!

Have you ever looked out your window at night after a snowfall? The moon glistens off the snow and the icicles gleam. It is truly magical.
That is what this swap will represent. The colors of a freshly fallen snow - white, silver and clear. Think snow, icicles, frost and snowflakes. Think white material, silver glitter, crystal drops. White chocolate, silver sprinkles, sugar. Snowmen, moonlight, ice covered branches. Use your imagination!
As always, Sweet Goodness Swaps require that you include one thrifted/vintage item, one handmade item and one sweet treat in your swap. Price limit is $20.00 not including shipping. Of course you can always do more, but please do these three things.

a simple handmade glittered tile holder with vintage anagrams. and the skirt of my favorite thrift store find for my partner, shara...

what a darling vintage angel ornament still in her original box...and her lights still work perfectly:)

it's funny that i'm finding so many angels in my treasure hunts since they aren't anything i've searched for or collected...hmmm.

silver bird on a glittered spool perch - another simple little creation

i love simple

and a little white tree set in a vintage tin

little repro paper ornament

thrifted silvery blue sparklers

ivory knitted brooch with attached sequins - thrift store

this was a lovely swap theme


beautiful burlap stocking

ivory rosettes, an old key, and burlap all together in one simple, beautiful stocking. i was so thrilled to see that jill at forever cottage was selling several of her handmade christmas stockings, and was lucky enough to see her post soon after she put them up for sale. i'm not sure if she has sold out - but either way, you'll love her charming blog! she has a wonderful post up today, too...

thank you for sharing your handiwork, jill:)


white wednesday

simple little footed bowl and my handpainted pine cones.
beautiful wool heart made by a local artist

a corner of my little magnetic memo board made from reclaimed tin

thanks again, kathleen - did you ever dream you'd be hosting this many white wednesdays?!?


vintage christmas monday 3

perhaps one of the best thrift store xmas finds for me, ever...i bought it about 3 or 4 years ago and like it more now than i did then:) probably because my love of vintage things has grown so much.

the list of vintage-christmas-loving bloggers has grown tremendously over at anything goes here! thank you, joan, for your grand idea:)

and i also wanted to mention that my vintage newspaper stamp giveaway winner was marilyn of the lone dollier - and this is the one she chose...

congratulations, marilyn:)


holiday blog party!

there's a pretty vintagey button over in the sidebar that will lead you to all the participants in the bella dreams holiday blog party...or you can just follow the link, of course;)

i've not decorated my house yet...but i want to share with you all of the wonderful thrifted winter treasures that i will be using. every single item below is a thrift store find!

sparkly white florals

this hand crafted little wooden sleigh is adorable! it was "hitched up" to two very fuzzy, funny looking characters when i spied it - but they were easily removed! now i wish i had taken a picture of those before they reached the circular file...you would have giggled, too:)

what a beautiful little lady in her winter white velvet dress, cape, and hat!

these birds needed a bit of "undoing" when i found them - easily accomplished with a stitch ripper. now i love their simple lines...

isn't the shape and color perfect?

this pretty tin container was hidden in a bag of gaudy christmas baubles

so delicate!

old reflectors, likely to be used in a craft project of some kind

more silvery florals for accents here and there

...and the matchless beauty of jack frost, who worked his magic during the night:)

have a safe, cozy, enjoyable winter week-end, everyone:)


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