perfect all hallow's eve

no rain or wind; excellent conditions for trick-or-treating. it also made for a perfectly spooky cloud from our fog machine to hang in the air all around our house...

a glimpse of the colorful array of costumes...i loved the candy corn costumes these girls wore!

our somewhat reluctant frankendog :)


grand finale

a few of our guests had already left before we got this group photo of the children...aren't they precious?

busy carving away...

part of the group

we always do a pinata

a little glimpse of the food

party preparations

decorating for this party is a large part of the fun for me

todd humored me - and got up in the recesses by the fireplace to set up some spooky scenes...then we put small fans inside to blow the fabric gently...here's the "big picture" and then some detail shots.


frightfully fun...

we're having a wonderful time preparing for our party tomorrow night. it is a neighborhood tradition to gather at our home and carve pumpkins...we started this in 2003 and we've missed only one year. so hard to believe we're hosting our fifth event - where does the time go?

the boys had fun decorating the barbed wire tree

time to get out the "candle stabbers" i bought several years ago from a local crafter...i've used these in artichokes as well; simply beautiful.

a little autumn piece that i love, by the photo of my younger son, now 7...

i didn't think i liked mums, but the vibrant orange caught my eye this year

linger for a while...

whooo goes there?!? oh - it's you...welcome!
you're almost inside now...

a cozy, albeit slightly spooky, tableau in the family room

our autumn dining room

please stay as long as you'd like...less than 24 hours until the big bash!

autumn open house

do come in! and please remember - to follow the autumn trail by clicking this!

we've been preparing for weeks!

more soon!!!


autumn gathering! (almost ready...)

i'm eager to join this house party hosted by artsy mama! (see the pretty button on the sidebar - my first one :)) i found this blog only today and had a wonderful time looking around...and exploring some of the many links there. so the "gathering" starts 10.23 (that's 10 minutes from now - eek!) and i don't have everything ready, by any means. i will post tomorrow and again friday and saturday. after all, we'd love to have you drop in for our 5th Almost Annual Pumpkin Party, hosted at our home 10.24.08 @ 6:30...so won't you please stop by again?

for now - a few autumn pictures taken over the past few weeks...

tiny local farmer's market

mom's precious and unique bird feeder (one of many)

looking out from the backyard of my childhood home

and a little more farmer's market...
i couldn't love this season more...i really couldn't. love the wind rustling the dying leaves; the swirls of leaves on streets and lawns; the scampering squirrels; the cool, brisk air; the colors; the smells. (i missed this all so much when i lived in california for 3 years)...how i love it!


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