little me

i'm ok with knowing that these photos prove my vintage status:) love old photos soooo much! my husband has been kind enough to spend some of his winter evenings scanning old family slides and i am so appreciative.
to you, this is just a photo of a little girl and that's how it should be. but to me? here's what i see: my ever so slightly pigeon-toed feet - which remind me of my youngest son. a face that shows traces of one of my precious nieces - and i've never seen that similarity in real life. baggy tights - so me! i see a slightly shy appearing but determined little face. i see a cute little coat and darling glasses and scuffed red shoes. and a child who was loved and well cared for despite the fact that my parents did not have much financially in those days. 

oh yes. to you this is just another photo of a little girl in the 70s. but to me? it is part of a great big story that means the world to me. this is why i take countless photos. this is why i record {our} everyday moments and memories. this is my one wild and precious life - and i love it!!!!


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