pink treasures!

i have never seen an old pink blowdryer like this...and it works!

my lovely pink chair...

the pale pink mini chest for my scraproom

and the precious little pink jewelry box from the thrift store - my "find" last week...


from the heart

we have very few pictures of mom and dad's early years and these are very precious to me.



just thinking back to last year and i starting kindergarten; s fourth grade...i went looking for the first day pics and here they are. as usual i have mixed emotions about tomorrow - sadness that another year has passed, but thankfulness that my boys are healthy, growing and thriving. so tomorrow will be another "first day of school"...


a very special day

so last week, mom and dad took k, m, the boys and me, on a day trip to DeSmet, SD...to see the laura ingalls wilder historic site(s).

i never fully realized before - what a strong, intelligent, insightful, positive, and gifted woman she really was. she was always someone who played a role in my life, simply because mom made it so. mom read the entire series of LIW books to each of us four children, individually, starting at a young age. i remember sitting or lying down and listening, captivated, as she read a chapter, or two or three each evening. it was magical to me. when i learned to read, i read the series many times over...

and now, as an adult, i am able to more fully appreciate what laura and her family experienced and endured - and how beautifully she captured it in her writings. it was a hard life; but she loved it. to actually step inside a dugout, and a tar paper shanty made a deep impression on me...

i could write lots more, but will just post a few pictures now...maybe another day i will record more about my thoughts and feelings about this day in DeSmet.



now i am thinking about how much pleasure a certain little glimpse of our home can bring me on any given day...i do love taking pics of little bits and pieces around the house and yard. i really do believe that less is more when it comes to material things - so i need to gradually pare down the extra "stuff"...


february was my last post??? oh my. (where.does.the.time.go?)

*a noteworthy tale*

i really, really love this LO...it includes all of the elements i really love -vintagey; beautiful photos; children. i feel especially nostalgic today about days gone by - we spent the day yesterday in DeSmet, SD, visiting the Laura Ingalls Wilder historic sites...


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