little thrifted things

here are a few thrift store finds i thought you might enjoy!  i couldn't say no to this little apron even though i don't collect them...i knew i'd find a purpose for it, and the price was right.

pretty aqua plastic doilies

with the original packaging - love that:)

the graphics on these old game cards are precious

a few of these are missing...but still i love them

lovely old belt buckles and a couple of shade pulls; these were an etsy purchase

and a few more big vintage buckles.  it's hard to say what i'll end up using these for - but i enjoy just looking at them, for now!


pretty things and paper guns

pretty banner made from vintage linens, a find on etsy last year.  it's so soft and adds a touch of spring to our family room.  it reminds me that i wish i knew how to sew...something on my to-do list, definitely.

this is just a little glimpse of my inspiration board right now...decluttered, but with lots of things waiting to be added!

thrifted baubles and tins for crafting

i'm not sure if i've posted a photo before of my little collection of jewelry chests.  i have a rule that i buy them if they're 1- 2 dollars or less - i've seen widely varying prices on these!  i think they sometimes sell on etsy for 10 times that amount; but then again, i haven't looked lately:)

a stamp storage solution, finally:)  i need to "see" my stamps and these little plastic cases were 50% off at joann's last week. perfect for me.

i didn't really realize i had a little collection of hats until i started on my organizing journey...it is so fun to rediscover things!  most of the time, that is...there are always a few items that make me shake my head:) 

i have absolutely NO interest in guns.  and i would prefer that my boys didn't either. but i have to confess that i spent 2.5 hours helping my 8 year old make this paper gun one day over the long easter week-end...it was a torturous process, but in the end, it was a project we could do together:)  and that's how i'm looking at it...

and i'd sincerely like your opinion on this.  i have been taking photos of some items we'd like to sell, in the effort to declutter and simplify our home.  i never thought twice about this item, until i downloaded the photo - and now i'm unsure.  would you keep or sell?  it is certainly a lot more formal than most of the things in our home at this point...yet it has a certain vintagey charm.  it literally looks like it's glowing, and this photo was taken in natural light... it honestly does look like this on a sunny day.  we bought this when we were first married and we had a more formal feel to the home we lived in then.  i know it can work in any setting, but i'd welcome your thoughts:)

sell?  or keep?

i am so eager to see the posts from Round Top!  my one and only visit there, so far, was for the 2009 spring show - and it was completely wonderful...so i'm excited for the "reports" and photos for this year:)


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