white, continued

do you remember these wonderful shabby chic planters from target a few summers ago? they are fabulous...and i am still wondering why i only bought two??? i'm thinking it was likely budget related, but really. i'd like 3 more, at least.

and this little white rocking chair? handcrafted by the grandpa of a 70ish gentleman who was hosting a wonderful garage sale yesterday.

a flower i made for my paris swap partner, diana. it's made from an old player piano roll - and i found the inspiration here. it's my first attempt and it's far from symmetric...but diana seems to like imperfect things just as much as i do:)

and a peek at some of the other things headed her way.

which reminds me! wait until you see the ab.so.lute.ly. fabulous box of french treasures she sent me...i promise i'll post photos soon:)


wonderful white

just some photos of a few white things i have started collecting for outdoors...

it's rather hard to find (new) white urns here - is that universal? and hard to find old ones, too, of course...have a wonderful week-end:)



this past week-end was incredible for garage sale treasures...that's all i can say. i never read the ads or plot out a route - i just get in my vehicle and look for signs. the antiques that i found this time are unbelievable; in fact i feel too guilty to share the prices on these! i'll just tell you that i spent less than fifty dollars on everything you see below. oh my goodness. can you say heart palpitations and a cold sweat?

this very old bird cage on stand

beautiful cracked, worn ivory album

wonderful pages...

printer's drawer/tray


i honestly thought long and hard about whether i should post these photos - it almost seems impolite! please know that i share these just because i know you'll appreciate these incredible finds...and thanks:)

vintage magazines (redux)

oops. i published this little post an hour or so ago and didn't look at it...then came back home to see that it had two of the same photos...so here's my second try:) anyway - i just love the soft colors and the graphics on these old publications!


timeless beauty

1. unaffected by time or by changes in fashion, society, etc.: the timeless appeal of tailored wool jackets
(courtesy of The Free Dictionary)

i'm finding that in posting these photos from the "it's about time" swap - i am wordless. i really think the beauty in these found treasures speaks so loudly, i can't add to it. just know that these beautiful items came from shelley over at sweet pea...we mutually agreed to do found items rather than crafts, although we each added a few little handmade touches:)

shelley didn't even know that i secretly like that morbid man, edgar allen poe...so that stamp was perfect for me:)


mystery solved

my nancy drew swap items from olenka...what a fun mix of "vintage and nancy"...

handmade bookmark...love it

charming handmade tags

luscious seam binding, for which olenka has now developed a passion:) it's catchy, isn't it?!?!

thank you so much, miss olenka!


plain brown wrapper

it doesn't look like much, i know...but there it is. my swap package for leslie at junkgirl studio. please notice her blog header - it is seriously wonderful, isn't it? if you stop over there, will you please leave a little comment asking leslie to (please) post more often? i love seeing her posts, and like pavlov's dog, i start to salivate whenever i see her blog header - but then there's not a new post and i'm left drooling anyway.

but i digress. again.

i had two partners in my "it's about time swap". i will tell you that i loved this theme more than i even anticipated; but i did not mail out "on time" which is slightly sad as i hosted this one:( i am so eager to see what the other swappers came up with, too! please email me a link if and when you post photos...thank you:)

so leslie likes both a neutral palette, as well as beautiful pink and robin's egg blue. it turned out that i went with mostly "found" items in the neutral scheme, and added tiny accents of color. i just had to package it all up in this precious little jewelry chest...i can't wait for leslie to get this:) which she should...after i mail it. now there's a thought.

the theme - clocks, numbers, time.

i believe i may have become a bit too expressive in the thrift store when i found this, but it's all in the past. look at this "perfect for leslie" avon bottle!

and a peek at some ephemera and handmade tags - i have a serious love for vintage alarm clocks after really getting into this swap theme...

and there will be more to share with you. i still have to photograph the fabulous vintage swap items i received from shelley over at sweet pea! i sent her box out in such a high state of excitement over last minute thrift shop finds, that i forgot to take photos. however, shelley was kind enough to send me the photo below. she also posted more "detail" photos over at her blog.

i will try to post photos soon - of both my "time swap" items from shelley, and my "nancy drew" items from olenka...
thanks for stopping by:)



these photos are really miscellaneous...blogger troubles

here are the wonderful packages i received from my partner olenka for the nancy drew swap hosted by lori! when i saw lori's post about this swap, i just had to join - it brings back so many childhood memories...who didn't love nancy drew or the hardy boys at some time in their life?!

i loved how olenka wrapped these...and i'd also like to say that she really put her heart into this - her first swap ever! thank you for being such an enthusiastic partner, olenka:)

since my photos are mixed up, the photos of the actual gifts are still a mystery! i will try to post again soon with the great reveal...

and the rest of these are just some wonderful little finds of late. i hope to find some time soon to catch up on blog reading and see what the rest of you are up to!


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