rusty cash drawer

i love old cash drawers - they remind me of something happy:) i don't really know why that is...it's not just about money, if that's what you're thinking...ha! i think it's a childhood memory of watching clerks operate the manual tills and the ka-ching noise that it made when the drawer opened. it seemed so magical to me back then. which reminds me - i have my old pink toy cash register still. i played with that thing for hours! the only thing about 'playing store' that i never really came to grips with was this: it made me CRAZY that i could never rig up anything that worked like the moving grocery conveyor belt!!!

at any rate - yesterday i found this old cash drawer by chance - and brought it home to use for some type of organization or storage in my studio. isn't it fun?

the letter on top is another steal, found at the same store. as always - i love typography.

just a few more old plastic sign letters to add to my collection. and no - i don't plan to use the word 'cool' anywhere in our home:) these will be mixed in with my other letters for some future writing on the wall...lol:)


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