halloween from hayley...

i've had these photos loaded and ready to post for almost a week now - but i've struggled to find the thoughts i want to share about this wonderful swap.  i don't know why - perhaps it's a hex or a curse!?! spooky!

so i'll just summarize with this: i'm thankful for getting to know hayley and for her generosity in being my halloween swap partner.  i love every single item that she sent.  thank you, hayley:)  we discovered we had a lot in common - love of: family, books/words, boys in old navy vintage tees, sisters, old clocks, and hilarious grammar crimes...thanks for making me laugh, hayley!

and without further ado - the photos.

okay - this negative is so completely fabulous for a halloween swap!!!

along with the developed photo!

a dream come true


vintage halloween blog party

joan at anything goes here is hosting this vintage party today and i am linking up with my recent spooky little  vintage treasures! i was browsing an antique mall (which is usually too spendy for my thrifty, junky tastes) and spied a little flash of halloween 'something'. thinking it would be very overpriced but curious nonetheless, i turned and picked up this little set of decorative picks.  i couldn't help but smile at the witch's face!  and i smiled even more when i realized the whole cluster of four picks was marked only $3 - i could afford to spend that:)

each figure is covered in some type of velvety material - i cannot think of the correct word, for the life of me!  mr owl is precious - he looks more inquisitive than menacing, to me.

i think this cat might need corrective eye treatment of some type, but i love him as he is

and if you can look at this face without a grin, you're more stoic than i will ever be:)

she just cracks me up

and the necessary pumpkin

as i've said many times, i'm not a knowledgeable junker; i just know what i like when i see it. so this may have been overpriced...and i'm none the wiser!  but it makes me happy and i think you vintage lovers will appreciate it, too.  thanks for stopping by! it's not too late to link up to the party.  thanks to joan for hosting another vintage holdiay blog gathering...


halloween for hayley...

i've been trying to post about the lovely vintage halloween swap items i received from hayley...but the words aren't flowing quite right.  so until i can articulate those thoughts, i thought i'd post a few other halloween pictures. 

this morbid little crow was the one i sent to haley...and it was clearly inspired by the crow i saw on etsy and posted about a few days ago.  i like how the light fell in this picture...not sure why...i just do...

he's rather cute, isn't he?

now this is a simply fabulous tag that i purchased on etsy - from this shop, sold by jamie.  she is the creator of these wonderful tags that i just can't get enough of  (in fact i just bought another set today - is that sick?) she is so friendly and very accommodating - and i love the simplicity of her items and the photos she takes. i apologize in advance that these tags are sold out now, but i sure plan to keep an eye on her shop, ongoing! so hayley - this is one item in your swap box that i did not make myself, but had to share with you:)

and again, a shot of the precious puppy who energetically rolled in ribbon (and tulle, remember?) while i packed the swap box...

and here he looks a little...spooked...wouldn't you agree?!?  hmmm. i wonder what he saw...


inspired by these...

from etsy - i have a long list of favorites this time of year.  here are just a few of the items i marked as i browsed for swap inspiration!


stay tuned...

i'm eager to share the very special halloween swap box that i received from hayley.  i'll try hard to be back tomorrow or saturday with photos - i've not had the chance to take pictures since it arrived yesterday. you will love it and be inspired, too!  it's still not too late to get in the halloween frame of mind, is it?


vintage patterns and halloween...eek!

what could be more fun than combining two such loved themes? this may or may not be for a swap...it may or may not be for me...but it definitely was fun to put together:)

mounted on a small canvas, it's very simple in design. i just couldn't seem to find the right thing to put around the pattern image - so i let it be.

as you can plainly see, i had free help while putting together hayley's swap box:) isn't he honestly precious? he joined our family this week at my younger son's 9th birthday party. puppies and tulle?... just perfect!


petite box swap finale

my second petite black and white swap box came from stephanie...thank you, stephanie!

i always love little cupcake liners filled with trinkets...it looks so appealing

lots of different textures included in one little box:)

what is it about old game pieces that's so universally appealing?


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