last few treasures...

this is a little smith corona junior typewriter from 1936, complete with a "dear john" letter placed there by the vendor at junk bonanza...i really like the compact size of this little beauty.

a little pink magnetic board with magnets made from jewelry and shabby chic shower curtain hooks; from the embellished nest at junk bonanza - i believe they have an etsy site but i have not checked it out yet...

handmade chipboard ornaments for my barbed wire tree.



treasures from the junk bonanza...it was everything i had hoped and more...the luscious vignettes set up in every vendor's booth were incredible. i wish i had pictures - but i made a conscious decision beforehand not to carry my camera around for so many hours. it was like christmas - except even better - because of the gorgeous autumn decorating. simply beautiful. here are a few things i brought home with me...


i really loved making these 2 layouts...and they came together faster than usual for this slow scrapper.


ordinary beauty

these old aqua commercial clothes dryers are simply beautiful...a picture was the only way to capture this and bring the memory home with me.


to mom.

a very recent favorite. this is a photo of my mom - so adorable...and the journaling i did in poem form, from the heart.


inspiration board etc.

i have said this so many times - but that's simply because it's true. i love the bulletin board that todd made for me several years ago - it is one of my favorite gifts ever. i'm going to post a picture of it as it looked last year - i put different inspirational things on it - mostly lo's that i like. more recently i have been putting home decor ideas, etc on it, too.


30 days hath september

i love this portion of stacy julian's class at bps - it's the reason i signed up for "have more fun" and i am enjoying every minute of it. and i am also really enjoying this blog and using it as another scrapbook of sorts; it's especially good for me since i am a slow scrapper - i can record things here quickly and without deliberating over paper and embellishments. the hands-on scrapping is truly therapy to me and i have never been one to try to "keep up" or be chronological, at least not since the very early CM days! :) blogging frees me even further, so that paper scrapping is truly my creative escape.

i just love browsing through my photos and posting them here...it's the simple things, really.

part of our front entry tableau last fall (10.2007)

playing school with papa and nana (in their basement), fall 2007

fall leaves collected for me (9.2007)

football by the camper at hunter convention (9.2007)

one last batch of grilled chicken fajitas summer/fall 2007


i can't wait...

to go here: http://www.junkbonanza.com/ i was there 3 years ago - before they moved to medina and added other vendors. i simply can't believe it's actually going to work for me to go this year! and i will also stop by Archiver's since Scrapfest is on the same week-end...i didn't register for it as i feel i've been there and done that - but the stores are so stocked up for this event.

and i feel there should be a picture with every post, so i'm off to look for a few...

these were taken out at mom and dad's last august. beautiful grasses and gardens...


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