of boys and...vintage?

i am a mom of boys. two sons, ages 8 and almost 12. while i've never devoted a lot of time or energy to decorating their rooms; i've certainly tried to sneak in a bit of a vintage feel. as for adding any "junk" - they do that on their own:) so it was fairly easy to find a chippy vintage hook for my older son's room...

and i definitely insisted on white bunk beds, although my husband did not love this idea...
i was fairly pleased with the bed linens...

and even the posters on the door and walls...classic boy, i thought.

but when i peered down under my son's upper bunk a few weeks back, i was a bit taken aback at the "decor" he has added! he's an adolescent all right. i sat there pensively for a while, mourning his fleeting childhood...and then it hit me. archie comics are vintage!!! he's just a boy who loves vintage!


two swaps and ADD

i've been happily crafting away this past week and i just can't wait another day to share a little glimpse of what i'll be mailing off to my swap friends:) first are the petite inspiration boxes for heather's swap, hosted at her blog speckled egg . she has hosted this type of swap before - altering little matchboxes and filling them with tiny treasures to use in crafts, projects. i've never done a "little" swap before - and it has been sooo fun. i covered my boxes in old player piano paper and then fashioned a flower for each out of old sheet music. i think i love them - but honestly now that i took a photo and posted it - i can't help but wonder if they look like sea anemones??? please tell me that they don't! even if you have to lie. that would be okay just this once.

and a little peek of some of the contents...

i was fortunate enough to get in on cathy's "amour box" swap over at treasured heirlooms, too. i loved that she suggested choosing a color theme for our boxes (shades of pink, shades of red, or shades of white). i chose shades of white, of course:) and here is a little peek at what i am making for this lovely swap...ack! i love swaps! but i need to stop. i really must. maybe.

and then about the ADD? i'm pretty sure i have it. it's why i can't multi-task. it's why i can't seem to finish projects like organizing my paperwork, cleaning out my studio, and really truly getting my laundry room in order. i scored fairly high on the screening quiz and i've diagnosed and treated enough of this in Family Medicine to be quite certain that i do indeed struggle with it. i'm going to see what happens now that i'm aware...maybe i can learn some ways to adapt and be more productive. maybe i'll need medication. i don't know. but i need to go now - my husband wants to talk to me and he knows i can't type and listen to him at the same time. *sigh*


and so this {was} christmas

christmas 2009 at our home was truly white! there was a total of 17 inches of snow over three days - a real blizzard over christmas...very, very cozy, as long as everyone was safe! we had overnight guests for 5 nights, when the original plan was for 1 night:) and it all went very well...

here are some photos from around our christmas home...and i have really enjoyed looking around at your homes, too. thank you for the inspiration.


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