december daily...done

i've so enjoyed the process of putting this book together. as i mentioned before - i wanted a neutral, vintage feel to this project - but with a touch of holiday color. i love the way this came together once inspiration struck! i had fun finding little scraps of this and that for embellishment on the transparency/number pages. i'm also glad i decided to get the 6x8 overlays by ali . it's just one less decision for me to make and i love the clean and simple look of the pages. and for anyone who doesn't know what i'm referring to - they're the cream pages you can faintly see behind my transparencies. 

i'll let the photos tell the story again. but feel free to post any little questions if you want:) oh - and there is no photo of page 12 - it just wouldn't photograph without a blur. i forgot to take photos of the covers, but i'll do that next time.


december daily

i'm so thrilled that i am finally making a december daily album! this represents not only a wonderful creative project - but maybe even more importantly - it means that perhaps i am making progress in dealing with my struggles related to adhd. for once, i started something ahead of time.  for once, i got past the tendency to not do anything, if i can't do it perfectly.  for once, i acted instead of staying stuck in creative chaos.

but i won't bore you with any more personal details than that.  more than anything - i just want to encourage you to do this, too.  you don't have to be a "scrapbooker" or other dedicated crafter...anyone can do this!

one of the (many) reasons i never got this done in the past was because of an aversion to very much bright color in any of my projects or pages.  well - so silly! i've come up with the perfect solution for me - i'm using neutral colors for the majority of my pages...but i'm using beautiful shades of red for the last week of the month.  and i love what i have so far:)  i'll be posting photos of my "colorful" pages soon.

all of these photos are self-explanatory, i think.  i made a few of the transparencies, although the majority are from hambly.  for those who aren't familiar with the 2010 december daily, there will be cardstock pages too.  these are simply the more decorative pages to mark each day - although it's possible that they'll hold some photos or ephemera, too.  ali edwards has everything you could possibly need in terms of inspiration and detailed examples on her website...so well organized and always well done.  thanks for the inspiration and instruction, ali:)

days 1-10 are all here, though not in order;) that would have been pushing it, you know!


quiet beauty

it seems to happen each year since i started blogging.  the flurry of posts in october and then a long...pause. i love every aspect of fall - not only halloween. so i'm just going to post some photos of pretty things here and there around our home right now; things that seem calming and warm to me. i hope you'll enjoy a little quiet inspiration...and take a deep breath...and relax. 

if you've seen this rusty sap pail of hydrangeas around here once, you've seen it a thousand times, hee! i'm sorry for the repetition...but it is my favorite:) i snuck a couple of other "repeats" in this post, too. i guess i'm in a bit of a rut...


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