my boys

you know those "dog days" of summer? well, we haven't seen any here. only a few days in august did the thermometer reach the 90s, and now summer is slipping away...it just doesn't seem right somehow. i remember those hot summer days and nights, as a child...where did they go? are they only in texas now?!? mind you - i don't like heat and humidity; in fact i don't like it at all! but summer doesn't seem "real" without it; and i do like real...

he's now in middle school...after his first day, he thanked me profusely for not getting out of the vehicle. or coming in to the school. or showing any sign that i'd ever seen him before. *sigh*

and he headed off to second grade, with a scratch on his nose and a gap-toothed smile. he allowed me to walk in with him on the first day only. at a slight distance.

oh - and that's percy in the first photo...he still thinks i'm ok. until the boys get home from school each day, anyway:)


vintage photos

at a family reunion in july, i was thrilled to see what one of my cousins had designed for our family auction! she took old family photos and made these wonderful t-shirts (and the cotton was soft and lovely, too - not the scratchy stuff). the only sad thing was that she was ill the day of the reunion - and missed out on all the oohs and ahhs that her handiwork elicited...

this is the shirt that came home with me - the little girl in the middle, holding her bottle, is my mother:) very special indeed!

everyone loves old family photos, i think...even the non-junkers amongst us, judging by the prices these t-shirts brought! all for the family cause, of course:) i wonder if i'll see vintage photos on t-shirts at the next junk sale i attend? are they already out there? hmmmm....



there is something about old game pieces, especially in shades of white, ivory, brown and black. and especially with letters or numbers. i love them all!

i am *thinking* about a future swap, with old games as the theme...if you think you might want to participate in this, please just leave a comment on this post:) no commitment, and not a formal sign-up! i just want to see if there is enough interest to do this later this fall. happy tuesday!



this broken and drooping hydrangea caught my eye today as i was working in this area of the house. i am also trying to remember where i bought the old step stool with the chippy drawers set on it - someone had put this together and i thought it looked appealing.

when we moved into this home almost nine years ago, it was only a couple of years old. we had moved from an old colonial style home with wooden floors and white painted trim throughout. it was a small, cozy, and wonderfully kept house, but it was in a very unkempt college neighborhood. i wanted to make our newer home look older, but my husband was reluctant to make any changes that would be permanent. so when i wanted to hang a little chandelier over the sink, it was clearly not going to happen:) i was very pleased when i came up with the idea of laying an old piece of chippy trim across the tops of the cupboards and adding a small hook...we were both happy!
this old fan works! isn't it a wonderful little thing? it was another of my estate sale finds from last week (and only two dollars!)

i wanted the walls to look old in our newer home, and we hired a couple of women who had wonderful skills to do the job. they did a technique that they called "frottage painting" and it was so fun to watch as the walls became more distressed in appearance. the light is less than ideal on these next photos but i wanted to share these today anyway. this is our family room...

one wall in our dining room (which i would like to turn into a library). this was lightly stenciled and looks worn also.

the beam that "divides" our living room from dining room

and a close-up

thanks for stopping by:)


friday's finds

because i don't like details and i don't like to read ads, i just go out junking by feel. and this has always worked well for me. however, i virtually never have happened upon such a wonderful estate sale as i did last friday. these are just a few of the items i brought home with me. i don't collect old cake toppers, but i do have three now...so according to "the rules", is that a collection?

both the box and shears are wonderful

i'll use these in my crafting (theoretically anyway). who has time to use these things when there is so much more to discover? i found a large set of these - love the woodgrain look:)

crusty tins

i doubt these are old, but i thought they'd be good for a little vignette somewhere around here the next 4th of july. i don't care much for primary colors, so i have very little red and blue. i have been making a conscious effort to collect a few patriotic colored things. (and as always, i cannot resist these old folding rulers)

lovely old flags...yellowed and with that vintage smell:)


thursday's junk

a garage sale, a thrift shop and a junk store - this is what i found in 3 short stops today. i like the colors of the cigar box - and the masking tape reads "cranise's tea set when little girl".

natural finish shoe inserts, and 8 inch (why?) ruler, glass insulator, vintage photos, and the loveliest old box with old bandage wrap intact. i love the graphics and the printed instructions on the box. i tried to get a detail shot to share, but alas, the photos are all blurry.

a complete, vintage 1948 scrabble game! i'm thrilled - and it was only 2 dollars; can you believe that?!?


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