real life beauty

i am a realist. i love the honesty and nitty gritty of everyday life. i love people who are real - no matter who they might be. i don't like pretense. i don't like fake. i do, however, love the beauty of the everyday. and apparently so does my precious younger son. as i worked in my studio yesterday, he appeared with a pink golf ball and spent 10 to 15 minutes finding the perfect place to display it "for you, mama". he settled on an egg cup with a muffin liner. it is more precious to me than any item of great $ value in my home.

i recently signed up for the sweet bella ezine from 2008. this is a precious button card i made yesterday, inspired by one of the projects. i'd love to eventually sign up for each of these wonderful ezines.


somebody stop me...

i can't seem to not post sneaks as i finish up my vintage easter swap! thanks for humoring me:)


vintage easter swap peek

getting ready to finish and mail off my vintagey treasures for heidi's very vintage easter basket swap...and enjoying the process so much:) i just couldn't resist posting a couple of peeks for my partner here!



how is it possible to find such incredible old pictures at a thrift store? who gives these away? i am so amazed...but also thankful. i would probably not have them if i had to pay the antique store price. i hope you can appreciate how beautiful these are from this not-so-great photo; i was interrupted so many times while taking these pictures, that i really didn't know that i had such a mediocre shot...

i found this big bag of ribbons and lace while rummaging around in a huge old rubbermaid container at the thrift store, on the floor, under some hanging items. very dark. and quite dusty. but worth it!

and these spools took my breath away - even though i am rarely a "pastel, spring color" girl

and these perfect little egg cups are on sale this week at joann's at 50% off...i'm very enamored with these:)


exciting (re)discovery!

i have been following cindy's beautiful and friendly blog for a while now. i so appreciate her eye for beauty, her inspirational ideas, and her budget friendly thinking. i am a bargain hunter at heart and rarely do i splurge for really spendy items...

but i digress. here is my exciting story for the week-end:) a day or two ago, i took the time to read back through all of cindy's older posts. you can imagine how astonished i was to come upon this post entitled "you aren't going to believe this!" (it turns out she was right!) i almost became lightheaded when it dawned on me that i had a very similar lamp that i purchased last summer for $5, and then promptly put in the basement storage room and forgot about it. so i went off in search of said lamp...only to find that it is identical!!!!!!!!!!

make sure you click on the link that cindy posted to the bella cottage, to see this porcelain lamp in all its glory. *sigh* now i am just waiting for cindy to show me how to make the lovely shade;)


fabric banner - etsy love again

i am so in love with this fabric banner from SparklePower, another etsy shop discovery. unfortunately, someone else discovered it first! i was looking through her sold items and fell in love with this. i convo'd her and she anwered so quickly and will be able to make me one:) i have found every single shopping experience over at etsy to be absolutely a delight - not a single problem in over a year of being a customer. thank you, etsy sellers!


birds, baubles and other swap beauty

i am just thrilled with the beautiful package i received from jessica for the "charming color swap" she hosted. it is simply perfect. i really believe these photos speak for themselves. i just have to say this: the little tag book with the bird stamped cover is fabulous; the box that it all arrived in was a treasure in itself; and the tags with the lace wraps smell absolutely divine. thank you so, so much, jessica!

look at this precious bling flower on the kraft wrapping:)

darling tussie mussie with sweet flowers

luscious lace wrapped tags with wonderful pins, flowers, charms and a very special photo charm

p.s. i guess i didn't really let the photos speak for themselves after all;)


charming color swap sneaks

my partner was jessica, the friendly hostess of this swap. we love a lot of the same things, which made it so easy and enjoyable! thanks, jessica, for hosting your first swap...here are a few peeks :)

a pretty little something

the package that is headed to its new home

can you guess her color choices were pale blue and pale pink?

and just so you know - my favorite swap treasure is barely visible in two of these photos;)


cozy little owl

he is just so sweet. i don't know how old he is, but he came home with me from the thrift store yesterday. he's a little worn and dirty but that's okay. i love him anyway:)

p.s. do you think he might have a cataract?!?


time to "pif"

i was fortunate enough to be "comment #3" over at tamerie's blog - and that is how i happened into this PIF...

here's how to join in: "The first 3 people who leave a comment, on this post only, will receive a handmade item from me sometime in the next 3 months. Just one day, out of the blue, at no cost to you, a special something will arrive in your mailbox." how fun will that be?!?

here's the fun little twist: "The turnabout is that you must choose to participate in this round robin of giving, by giving yourself, and posting the "Pay It Forward Challenge" on your blog."

please - anyone can post here - whether you visit regularly, or just happened to meander by and see this. i hope you'll join in!


precious old school primer

i paid only 2.50 for this precious 1940's book at a local thrift store! i adore the graphics and the text - i recently found a lovely old dick and jane book on etsy, and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival, too!


texas antique fair!

a month or two ago, i found this wonderful blog. i spent hours looking around and reading - i enjoy her writing style and the photos are pure beauty and inspiration. anyway - i was moved to action almost immediately when i read about the well-known antique fair that she had attended last fall. i have been wanting to visit my niece who relocated to dallas less than a year ago (and who also enjoys lovely junk!) and this would be the perfect opportunity:) so we are all set for the spring show in april...we are staying here...doesn't it look cozy?
and here are a few specific posts regarding her texas treasures: this one, this one, and here. oh, and she shows it all together in one post here. you'll probably get lost in her blog, so you may want to wait until you have lots of time! i hope you enjoy it as much as i have:)

more thrifted beauty!

oh, how i love this...(and only $1.49)! it's true - there is no way to describe the thrill of hunting through "stuff and junk" and finding a treasure...only another thrifter/junker can really understand, don't you agree?

now this i actually found at an antique mall - but still it was a steal. i wish the photo showed the full beauty of the pins, on which i have poked myself numerous times, i must add :(

a charming wall hanging.

i don't usually buy tins, but this one caught my eye and for 79 cents how could it be wrong?

pretty little bowl - i like the bit of soft grey in the floral spray.

if anyone knows of other blogs with thrifted treasures, junk, garage sale finds...will you please leave a comment and point me in the right direction? thanks for visiting:)


of easter and rabbits...

i have to confess that i don't like rabbits/bunnies - real or otherwise. i own only one "easter bunny" decoration...and honestly, even it bothers me just a little. really. does this mean anything in terms of my psyche? do i need therapy? am i an easter "basket" case????? well, anyway - here's my one bunny, photographed just for the record.


sweet sconce

a local antique store find that i have had for a while but haven't found quite the place to hang...i think i'll probably not put candles in it...would you? there are 3 taper candle flower holders total, as you can probably see;) i do love to hear from each and every one of you who has an idea or comment - i am really enjoying the blogging community and would love to get to know you! thank you for stopping by my corner of the world:)


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