"shabby baby" (raffle for bella)

i wondered why i was picking up baby themed shabby treasures here and there over the past months, since i don't usually collect this type of thing...but now i know:) somebody needed it! this is my little contribution to the cause for baby bella and her family.

the friendly junk sistas are hosting this raffle and tickets will go on sale tomorrow, may 1st. i can't wait to peruse the lovely offerings myself!


it's about time...a swap


i mentioned recently that i love clocks (and numbers) - and anything vintage that is associated with these...hourglasses, clock hands, clock/watch faces, price tags, flash cards, old ledger paper, tape measures, rulers...etc. i'd love to have you join me for my first swap, with this as our theme:)

if you are interested, please leave a comment and send me an email at todkad@cableone.net with your name and address, as well as a link to your blog. i want to make sure that i manage this well, so i would like to keep our group small. i'll plan to leave this open for sign-ups until may 12 or until there are 20 participants...i'll then assign partners by may 18, and the packages should be mailed out no later than june 9. please feel welcome to join, even if you've never done a swap before! it is so enjoyable to both make and receive a package of things you love:)

oh - and one more thing - please know that this is a "vintagey" swap - just so that the items feel worn, distressed, well-loved! not everything has to actually be vintage, unless you are lucky enough to have access to such wonderful treasures:)


see mary run.

oh my. i entered the thrift store calmly. i circled the displays nonchalantly. until i laid my beady eye on these! i don't recall what happened next, but i do know that these are safe and sound. here. at my house. aren't they simply lovely?

one bird on each lamp is worth two in the thrift store...or something like that:) i always get my quotes mixed up (wink!)


inspired by this...

i'm so thrilled to see that she has a blog! i was fortunate enough to be at her very first sale ever, several years ago - where i found this wonderful table that warms up our family room:) she doesn't sell online at this time, but she has a wonderful cottage at the detroit lakes, mn flea market. and a wonderful yearly sale event at her showroom in the countryside. i have to tell you this - her sale(s) are usually a mob scene - and she is unfailingly pleasant and helpful.

this candle trough is from her sale

and this old painting was from one of her early sales

i believe she made these pillows out of vintage fabric - oh, how i wish i had 30 more!

and perhaps one of my best loved purchases from patina white: this wonderful typewriter key watch...

i thank you for your inspiration over the past years, beth! and it truly is a small world - i found out about the patina white blog through this crafty girl, whose flashcards are among my favorite etsy purchases:)

sweet things

this millinery was my bliggest little splurge from texas

thrift shop milk glass cake stand

and a blurry close-up; it has the grape and leaves design

and then some old mercury christmas ornaments in wonderful soft colors


buttons, buttons, buttons!

while in texas, i was on a mission to find certain things. like pretty buttons and button cards with nice old graphics. apparently i was quite enthusiastic and vocal about this. because when we returned to the bed and breakfast after our first day of shopping, my niece gently informed me that i reminded her of this:

i wouldn't have believed it, except for that nagging memory of the first auction that i ever attended. according to reports from family, i cheered and carried on every time i got the highest bid. which is apparently not appropriate auction behavior. especially here in the stoic midwest. they say people were laughing at me. and it's okay - i do tend to be enthusiastic.

well, here are the darling buttons. i didn't crop these photos - and my camera does not do well in macro mode. so just click on the photos if you want to see them larger:)

oh - and here is a pretty mirror from a friendly texas dealer. i placed it on our piano for the time being.


a special day

this evening we will celebrate my beloved parents' 50th anniversary...and look at my thrift store discovery just for this occasion! i found it a month or two ago - the colors and the old frame and just everything about it make me happy:)

happy friday to all of you wonderful friends and bloggers!


the graphics are so precious!

i've never run across these vintage "picture-pacs" before...and i love them! the one i bought today included a set of photos of moms and children - just my style:)

i especially like the deckle edges on some of the photos

i've always loved clocks, hourglasses, and really anything to do with "time". so i love this old clock face, from a school clock. it's fairly large - i think 12-14 inches in diameter

this old hat was marked down and had a little tag that said "hat a bit squished" - isn't that funny and sweet? and i also found a whole pack of vintage shelf paper
aren't the edges pretty?


mirrors, mercury, millinery and michael's

i used this round vintage mirror with the thrift shop birds as a simple centerpiece for our easter lunch, along with the lovely napkins that christine sent in my swap basket

the lone old mercury ornament that i purchased in texas - love it

and the softest, prettiest old millinery from our brief visit to the marburger farm antique show

and one more thing - i simply love these soft, velvety looking roses from michael's! i think they really have a vintage look...and the best part?! they are on clearance for $1.47 a box! (reg price was around 6.50-7.00) i bought a bunch of these in minneapolis a few weeks ago and now found more today. they're a classic, in my opinion:)
(this photo shows 3 bunches - and there are 6 per box)


there was more...

this trim wrapped bundle of bingo cards is perfectly simple and simply perfect - another gift in the lovely easter basket i received

and isn't this a lovely "bethany lowe style" piece that christine made? i can thank her for this new addiction - i had never really been familiar with bethany lowe's work until christine mentioned her as a favorite

more spring beauty - and i honestly still did not get photos of everything that was packed in that ribbon bedecked basket

the complete spring banner - it is so soft and timeless

"dear tooth fairy"

{found crumpled under his pillow last night}:

"dear tooth fairy

dod't take my tooth. but i still want money!

from: *****


happy easter!"

now tell me - who can put a price on that?!?


texas can wait!

i am so thrilled! my vintage easter basket arrived today and it is just fabulous:) i have christine to thank for this glorious basket...it's full of beautiful treasures! i can't link to her blog...but here is her handiwork...and there was a lot more than this, if you can believe - i'll take more photos and share soon.

lovely colors and a darling little nest and bird...sigh...

just a portion of the banner she made for me - i requested more of a spring theme vs easter and she did it perfectly:)
i love the little details of this! the tiny pearls on the box, the flowers, the soft pink, the little egg ornaments and the fuzzy little chick that was nestled inside.

thank you, christine:)


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