swap tags

i finally mailed off my tags for the "sweet sentiments" tag swap - the first time i've ever joined an altered tag swap. we'll each get back a book of 15 different tags - i'm eager to see everyone's handiwork:)

and then, these are among the very first tags i've ever made - and they are very simple. these were for ele in the sweet tweet swap i posted about earlier. i've been a paper scrapper for years, but just never made tags for whatever reason. i really like these - i do tend towards the "less is more" philosophy in artwork, i think.


beautiful "red splendors" (and a little about me)

these flowering crab trees are just gorgeous right now...and i also love that they have beautiful red berries all winter:) we planted these five trees on our north boulevard - and yes, the metal stakes are still there 2-3 years later. (we have been rather protective of these because several newly planted trees have been purposefully driven down on a nearby berm)

and i am feeling slightly "interesting" because i've been tagged by both theresa and deb, of texas junking fame!!! my first time(s) ever being given this honor...thank you for being interested - and for your wonderful blogs, too:)

between both of these "tags" i should technically be listing 17 things about myself...but that leads me directly to:

  • 1) i don't like to follow the rules (just exactly, anyway). you'll never catch me doing anything dishonest, but are certain to find me bending and tweaking the "silly" rules for sure. and i get to decide which rules are silly.
  • 2) i am a passionate child advocate - i will defend an innocent child to the end of the world and back:)
  • 3) i feel strongly about pretty much everything - or else i am totally disinterested. one extreme or the other. i think the condensed version of this is "i tend to be intense" (or apathetic)
  • 4) i love a good, honest laugh!!! and not at the expense of someone else. just real, everyday life humor...
  • 5) i work in healthcare. i am a PA with 15 years experience in Family Medicine. i. have. seen. almost. everything. and heard even more.
  • 6) (i'm growing disinterested in myself - just a warning)
  • 7) i am both open and private
  • 8) i won a flag in 4th grade, for writing an essay about "why i'm glad i'm an american"
  • 9) i am incapable of multi-tasking. this is a problem. it means i can do only one thing at a time. (although in a true emergency situation, i can do whatever it takes... this is good)
  • 10) i always trust my gut instincts! they have served me well.
  • 11) my sister says i drive like helen keller. if you need more details, please contact any local law enforcement agency. anywhere. anytime. they'll be able to help you. (but no one has ever been injured, and that is a very important point!!!)
  • 12) i am genuinely interested in others, unless they are fake or superficial. then i grow disinterested...
  • 13) my favorite number is 3 or any number that is divisible by 3, in a crunch.
  • 14) i can't stop here because it's not divisible by 3.
  • 15) but i can stop here:)

this was rather fun, in a painful sort of way;) and i do appreciate being tagged, theresa and deb...thank you!


another wonderful package

i know that swaps aren't for everyone; in fact both of my sisters seem somewhat bemused (amused?) by the fact that i love participating in swaps. but for those of you who have never done one, but *think* you might like to - i'd encourage you to just find one with a subject that interests you and sign up!

here are some shots of the beautiful hand-adorned bird and birdhouse that i received in the mail from ele on friday...i couldn't be happier with this:)

more "sweet tweet swap" photos to follow soon:)


i can't resist

i really enjoy seeing little peeks of swap treasures, and i simply can't stop myself from posting these photos of the things i chose for the sweet tweet swap. this little package will soon wing it's way to my partner, ele, the hostess of this swap:)

a bit grainy since i had to crop so much - my camera is lacking in "macro mode" ability...


garage sale wonders...

"wonders." it means different things to different people, i've learned. i think all of these finds are wonders...my husband just wonders why...

a grocery bag of wooden spools

wonderful old doll crib, in perfect shape and with a great wooden spring hidden under the burlap i just placed in there

a polaroid camera!!! with two expired films from 2004; i love how the photos i took in our living room last evening look old and ghostly. (not to mention that this reminds me of my grandma who would stick the fresh polaroid image under her spacious armpit while it developed...there may have been room for anywhere from three to five photos under there...but again i digress)

an old blue table with one crooked leg, cleverly hidden in this photo;)

the base of the vintage lamp now residing in our family room

eek! i love it - and when you turn the light on at night, you see all the missing pieces in the plastic underneath the fabric

and the best news of all?!? all of these for exactly twenty dollars...
oh happy day.

(p.s. go here to see a list of "monday's treasures" - a painless way to see other thrifters' found beauty)


soft and simple

my oldest sister and her family hosted the 50th anniversary celebration for my parents at her home in canada. i've been meaning to post this photo of the strikingly soft and beautiful hydrangea arrangement that she put together.

i love the tulle that she dressed the table with...

this birdhouse, made out of reclaimed wood and tin, is something i rediscovered while getting ready for a recent garage sale

the little crystals give it a certain panache, don't you think:)


one more thing

remember this utterly scrumptious bingo card wrapped in gorgeous trims?

well, if you love beautiful photography and a wry sense of humor - please visit christine and you, too will look forward to her posts (which should be more frequent, in my humble opinion...) i met christine through a vintage easter swap - and i have really enjoyed getting to know her just a little better through her blog:) she has wonderful vintage taste, too - go here and here to see what she sent me:)

latest little finds

1 dollar each at the thrift store

1.99 (thrift store) just like the one i found for you, christine:)

25 cents - garage sale!


tarnished silver

i'm loving the look of old tarnished silver more and more. this *beautiful* crystal jar with the silver lid, embossed with a lady's face, was only 25 cents at a local thrift store! love it:)

and another view of it in the background, behind this wonderful old ladle

and a reminder! if you are a lover of vintage numbers, clocks, hourglasses, dates, times - please do join us for this: it's about time swap
we'd love to have you! feel free to sign up through the original post and then email your info to me, as noted:)


a lovely handmade pillow

warmest thanks to tamerie...she made this beautiful pillow for the "pif" i participated in. the pretty pink hydrangea is an actual photo that she took and printed onto fabric! this is a cherished addition to my mix of shabby, cream, pink pillows that i have gathered here and there...thank you so very much, tamerie:)


i'm thinking of things like this...

for our "it's about time" swap. visualizing things involving dates, times, measures - which always include numbers, of course, whether directly (clock) or symbolically (hourglass). still brainstorming, but i'm enjoying the process. i hope that a few more of you will consider joining us - there's "still time":)


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