haute couture;)

i just can't go another day without a new post on this blog...it's downright wrong to see my last post was in may. and the photos are of winter topics:( yikes.
so today i thought i'd share this pretty little handmade dress - my recent thrift store find. true - my thrift store forays have been infrequent over the past year, as i continue to bring less into our home. but that doesn't mean i'll never have any vintage treasures to share:)
will i wear this? i doubt it. but maybe i'll resell it or gift it to someone looking for a vintage dress with some extra special touches;)
found it hanging with the halloween costumes. caught my eye because of the unique little accessories, all lovingly handmade.

front view...simple lines. wrinkles included at no extra cost.

love the tag...

look at this pretty little headpiece with attached comb

i'm sure someone wore this with great excitement for a special occasion

this flower with attached velvet ribbons intrigues me. it was pinned randonly to the dress and i thought it must be a belt...but the dress doesn't lend itself to a belt. and the ribbons both drape down from the flower in a "non-belt" way:)

so who knows how the piece was worn or attached? if you have a hunch as to how it was meant to be used, please leave a comment:) isn't it a pretty little outfit from days gone by?


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