just what the doctor ordered!

there are exceptions to every rule, right? i haven't been garage saling or thrifting or bringing much of anything into my home since i embarked on my mission to declutter. and i do really love the feeling of less stuff around here.

but. what could i do? i love everything vintage, industrial, and medical...i've spent all of my working years in the medical field. so i didn't think twice when i saw a dusty stack of old prescription files for sale in a little drugstore - they had to come home with me!

the price was so low that i don't dare mention it...it could well cause medical complications for those of you who share my love for this type of thing. i ended up with 11 of these - 10 are metal and the quikway rx file on top in the first photo is the lone cardboard one.

wonderful typography.

in excellent shape - they cleaned up very well.

of course this one is more worn and less sturdy - but i love it nonetheless!

i'd love to incorporate these into my scrap studio for storage. i'd also love to line them up just for display in the family room. so little cost! so much joy!

thank you for visiting and happy week-end to you:)


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