loving this photo

it was a poor situation for taking photos: a hot, sunny evening with the sun setting right behind the players on the field. i stood and took shots blindly, for the most part. most did not turn out.

but this one?

i love it.


growing things 2011

as someone who never was very interested in plants, trees, gardening - it has been a very pleasant surprise to find myself becoming quite invested in these things over the past couple of years. i hover over my flowers and square foot garden with eager anticipation. i sit in our formal living room and look out the window at our trees, taking pleasure in their lush growth. here are a few things i'm enjoying right now.

this is the first year i've ever seen yellow flowers in this particular shade. not too bright, not too orangey. just simple petunias in a warm yellow.

this autumn moor grass is really pretty, too

my first batch of radishes from the garden this year. they were too strong for my taste; so now i replanted with white radishes - can't wait to find out how they taste!

this cathedral elm has grown incredibly fast, having been planted only 3 to 4 years ago. i love the vase like effect of the branches, graceful and arching.

the puppy who will turn 1 in august. he is a cuddler and so endearing.

and then here's one of the two most priceless things we have growing around here: a 9 year old boy:)

what are you growing this summer???


etsy or not...

yesterday's rather blah weather prompted me to dig into one of my boxes of "keep or sell" and take some photos of these items as a prelude to listing them. funny how it is that things look better when you decide to move them along, isn't it? (pardon the rather depressing lighting...)

two matching chippy old corbels

and a piece of moulding with an old glass wired on

this would make a wonderful gift for a vintage-loving mom

i still love this little old aqua shade but i haven't found a place for it

an old pair of buster browns in their original box

vintage picture frame - again - it just hasn't found its place in our home

have a happy week-end!


vintage stamp carousels

i hope everyone is enjoying your summer days! i'm enjoying all the wonderful summer themed posts on your blogs - thank you. here's a quick photo to share today, unrelated to summer;)

while i know i'm not the first person to use these vintage stamp holders for craft storage, i know that i'm one of the most pleased...just a glance at these brings a bit of happiness to my day! these colorful mists are eye candy and the revolving carousel is so handy and practical.    


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