mirror, mirror...

pretty round mirror, found at a yard sale...

detail of the flowers, with flash

and then without flash

it hangs on the wall opposite our main floor bath.  and the cost?!?  $2.00!

short and sweet today:)  happy thursday!


quick little project

a few months back, i found these pails at michael's, clearanced to 5 dollars each.  finally, i bought some stencils and painted numbers on...and placed them on top of my oh-so-bare kitchen cabinet.

and then i snipped off a hydrangea and found a glass baby bottle that i still had in the cupboard

it's funny how many hydrangeas and peonies i see around blogland - they're beloved by so many people, it seems.  and it's easy to see why...

this tote was just laying around here after i rescued it from the thrift store - and i finally decided to use it for my gardening supplies

i forgot to use my seed packet holders when i planted our square foot garden; love these little things!


flea market

hello, blog friends:)  i hope that this summer has been good to you so far, for those in the northern hemisphere.  like most everyone whose blogs i follow, i too can say that the summer is flying by - it's always a bittersweet thing, it seems.

i wanted to show you a few items i found at the flea market over the july 4th holiday.  first, is this little black unused ledger - my first ledger ever.  and i do love ledgers!

the typography is so pretty - i especially like that big "5"...

slightly yellowed pages

i felt i needed this hand carved ampersand - new, but shabby and wonderful

and i was happy to run across this old card game - i've seen it on ebay and etsy, but never in real life - so now i have one to add to my game/game piece collection.

the graphics on the cards really appeal to me - so vintage

and here is a photo of the 7gypsies receipt holder that i've been admiring, but haven't purchased.  i was thrilled to find a pile of authentic receipt holders for a dollar a piece!

here they are - aren't they so wonderful?!  i ended up with 9 of them and *might*  mount them on a board - i'm not sure yet. 

and last, my new old flashcards.  for anyone who has followed my little blog at all - you know why these are perfect for me!  thank you for stopping by:)


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