pondering december

a quiet sunday spent puttering around in my studio. contemplating whether i'll do a december daily album again this year. and if so, what style, what colors? i like the colors you can see in that first bag of holiday treats; but not so sure yet what i'll actually use. (this is the chippy old metal basket where i store all my scrapbook kits.)

just looking around at bits and pieces of everything on my desk right now. love the elle's studio numbers sheet.

picking a few obviously holiday themed things and putting them in a basket while i decide what i'll use.

this is a little vignette on my shelf that i look at every day. i found the old service bell at junk bonanza this fall. i'm enjoying the soft, pretty colors in the 'jack frost' kit label that i stuck there just for fun, just for now.

and here's a photo of the beautiful 'jack frost' kit from elle's studio. so pretty.

i hope you're having a quiet and restful sunday before heading back into the every day routine:)


boo humbug!!!

"photos there...and nothing more..."

i said i'd share photos from our neighborhood halloween party - and here they are! if i sound a bit...cantankerous...it's because things have been pretty stressful and have gone downhill around here since these were taken. so that's where the boo humbug comes in. i hope you enjoy these scenes from our almost annual soiree:)

 artful decor by the man of the house...

he did a good job here, didn't he?

love the big letter blocks spelling out one of my favorite seasonal words

the menu...

ominous, no?!

nosy little crow

rodents galore

a hodge podge of treats

a kind dad and his girls...

assembling in the basement for the pinata

pumpkin toss for the littlest guests

and a greeting for the arriving guests...hmmm...maybe it's Freudian?

hope yours was hauntingly happy!


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