sparkling winter white swap

i've been finishing up my swap package for my partner in the sparkling winter white swap. this is the first swap i've done since last summer and i really enjoyed getting back into swap mode!

Have you ever looked out your window at night after a snowfall? The moon glistens off the snow and the icicles gleam. It is truly magical.
That is what this swap will represent. The colors of a freshly fallen snow - white, silver and clear. Think snow, icicles, frost and snowflakes. Think white material, silver glitter, crystal drops. White chocolate, silver sprinkles, sugar. Snowmen, moonlight, ice covered branches. Use your imagination!
As always, Sweet Goodness Swaps require that you include one thrifted/vintage item, one handmade item and one sweet treat in your swap. Price limit is $20.00 not including shipping. Of course you can always do more, but please do these three things.

a simple handmade glittered tile holder with vintage anagrams. and the skirt of my favorite thrift store find for my partner, shara...

what a darling vintage angel ornament still in her original box...and her lights still work perfectly:)

it's funny that i'm finding so many angels in my treasure hunts since they aren't anything i've searched for or collected...hmmm.

silver bird on a glittered spool perch - another simple little creation

i love simple

and a little white tree set in a vintage tin

little repro paper ornament

thrifted silvery blue sparklers

ivory knitted brooch with attached sequins - thrift store

this was a lovely swap theme


Dixie said...

what treasures!

Thanks for visiting, commenting, following and/or blogging about my 300th post giveaway! Good Luck!

Blessing. Dixie

trash talk said...

Purchased here and there, pretty...amassed in a grouping...beautiful! Love the little tree in the tin...actually I love it all. Thinking of the lady who might have worn the sweet vintage pin at Christmas and was ever so proud!

Unknown said...

You certainly have been able to pick up some great little treasures! I too like the bottle brush tree in the tin mold, very original. Merry Christmas ~ Judi

Donna Reyne' said...

I too love the simpler look this year.
I am loving the little bird on the spool...and the tiny tree in the tin cup.
everything has such a personality.
Have a wonderful evening...donna

Christine Edwards said...

Sparkling Winter White swap? How did I miss this? All of your swap items look so wonderful. Love the bird perched on the spool. Here's to wishing for a white Christmas.

Laurie said...

Your swap partner is so lucky!


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