a very special day

so last week, mom and dad took k, m, the boys and me, on a day trip to DeSmet, SD...to see the laura ingalls wilder historic site(s).

i never fully realized before - what a strong, intelligent, insightful, positive, and gifted woman she really was. she was always someone who played a role in my life, simply because mom made it so. mom read the entire series of LIW books to each of us four children, individually, starting at a young age. i remember sitting or lying down and listening, captivated, as she read a chapter, or two or three each evening. it was magical to me. when i learned to read, i read the series many times over...

and now, as an adult, i am able to more fully appreciate what laura and her family experienced and endured - and how beautifully she captured it in her writings. it was a hard life; but she loved it. to actually step inside a dugout, and a tar paper shanty made a deep impression on me...

i could write lots more, but will just post a few pictures now...maybe another day i will record more about my thoughts and feelings about this day in DeSmet.

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