treasures from the junk bonanza...it was everything i had hoped and more...the luscious vignettes set up in every vendor's booth were incredible. i wish i had pictures - but i made a conscious decision beforehand not to carry my camera around for so many hours. it was like christmas - except even better - because of the gorgeous autumn decorating. simply beautiful. here are a few things i brought home with me...


Lori said...

Oh Mary~

I just LOVE everything you bought!!! I especially love the white distressed table and the glass cloche...just beautiful! Maybe someday we can meet up and go to Junk Bonanza together. I'd love that!


Lori said...

Ooohhh...by the way, I LOVE your new blog banner. How'd you do that???

Denise said...

looks like you got some awesome finds.......I love your blog banner.....its just adorable!


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