autumn gathering! (almost ready...)

i'm eager to join this house party hosted by artsy mama! (see the pretty button on the sidebar - my first one :)) i found this blog only today and had a wonderful time looking around...and exploring some of the many links there. so the "gathering" starts 10.23 (that's 10 minutes from now - eek!) and i don't have everything ready, by any means. i will post tomorrow and again friday and saturday. after all, we'd love to have you drop in for our 5th Almost Annual Pumpkin Party, hosted at our home 10.24.08 @ 6:30...so won't you please stop by again?

for now - a few autumn pictures taken over the past few weeks...

tiny local farmer's market

mom's precious and unique bird feeder (one of many)

looking out from the backyard of my childhood home

and a little more farmer's market...
i couldn't love this season more...i really couldn't. love the wind rustling the dying leaves; the swirls of leaves on streets and lawns; the scampering squirrels; the cool, brisk air; the colors; the smells. (i missed this all so much when i lived in california for 3 years)...how i love it!


Dianne said...

I'm truly feeling autumn in your photos! Thanks for joining the gathering and drop by and see me!

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

Your pictures definitely say Autumn to me! Glad you joined in.


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