timeless beauty

1. unaffected by time or by changes in fashion, society, etc.: the timeless appeal of tailored wool jackets
(courtesy of The Free Dictionary)

i'm finding that in posting these photos from the "it's about time" swap - i am wordless. i really think the beauty in these found treasures speaks so loudly, i can't add to it. just know that these beautiful items came from shelley over at sweet pea...we mutually agreed to do found items rather than crafts, although we each added a few little handmade touches:)

shelley didn't even know that i secretly like that morbid man, edgar allen poe...so that stamp was perfect for me:)


sweetpea said...

Mary, I am so happy with our swap! It was great fun~~thanks for letting me participate! Glad you liked Edgar~~serendipity I guess. Enjoy...


Barb said...

Those are great treasures.
Love it all!!!

Barbara Jean

Jessica Rodarte said...

Gorgeous time-themed goodies from Shelley. It was such a fun swap, Mary. Thank you for hosting! Sign me up for the next one. :)

Anonymous said...

oooh i love everything you got! wow

June said...

Your treasures truely are timeless. What a wonderful theme for a swap.

trash talk said...

What wonderful treasures. Shelley gave you the gift of time something we always can use a little more of!

Gretchen said...

What a fun swap you did with the "Time" theme. Love your stuff from Shelley and yours you sent her was very awesome. If you ever do another one I'd love to participate in it. I'm part of the "French" swap going on now.

Christine Edwards said...

Wow, what gorgeous vintage treasures...I'm seriously jealous. Great swap theme.

Pretty Things said...

I love all of these photos!

Heidi said...

I totally like Edgar! Guess the secret is out!


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