quiet beauty

it seems to happen each year since i started blogging.  the flurry of posts in october and then a long...pause. i love every aspect of fall - not only halloween. so i'm just going to post some photos of pretty things here and there around our home right now; things that seem calming and warm to me. i hope you'll enjoy a little quiet inspiration...and take a deep breath...and relax. 

if you've seen this rusty sap pail of hydrangeas around here once, you've seen it a thousand times, hee! i'm sorry for the repetition...but it is my favorite:) i snuck a couple of other "repeats" in this post, too. i guess i'm in a bit of a rut...


trash talk said...

Good things bear repeating!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Everything is so lovely. I love all those different shades of white.


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