it's been such a long time...

since i've blogged or scrapped or gone thrifting or junking...life has definitely been full and challenging the last few months.  and it has also been wonderful, at times.  it's always a mixed bag, isn't it?  i'm the type of person who doesn't blog just to blog - i have to "want" to post something.   thanks to my friends who have continued to check in now and then - i've visited you, too, but just haven't commented much lately.

today i'd like to share a page that i scrapped recently. as always, it's therapeutic to scrap photos of our much loved boys:)


Jessica Rodarte said...

It has been a long time, but I love your posts. I can definitely appreciate they integrity of your posts, too; by that I mean that you only post when you are really inspired by something. I can spot a filler post when I see one!
I love this layout, and I love that you journaled on an envelope! What a great idea.

Denise said...

This layout is fantastic and I am happy to find your blog! came here from Cocoa Daisy.


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