growing things 2011

as someone who never was very interested in plants, trees, gardening - it has been a very pleasant surprise to find myself becoming quite invested in these things over the past couple of years. i hover over my flowers and square foot garden with eager anticipation. i sit in our formal living room and look out the window at our trees, taking pleasure in their lush growth. here are a few things i'm enjoying right now.

this is the first year i've ever seen yellow flowers in this particular shade. not too bright, not too orangey. just simple petunias in a warm yellow.

this autumn moor grass is really pretty, too

my first batch of radishes from the garden this year. they were too strong for my taste; so now i replanted with white radishes - can't wait to find out how they taste!

this cathedral elm has grown incredibly fast, having been planted only 3 to 4 years ago. i love the vase like effect of the branches, graceful and arching.

the puppy who will turn 1 in august. he is a cuddler and so endearing.

and then here's one of the two most priceless things we have growing around here: a 9 year old boy:)

what are you growing this summer???

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Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Sweet pictures. I'll take your radishes! ;)


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