more thrifted beauty!

oh, how i love this...(and only $1.49)! it's true - there is no way to describe the thrill of hunting through "stuff and junk" and finding a treasure...only another thrifter/junker can really understand, don't you agree?

now this i actually found at an antique mall - but still it was a steal. i wish the photo showed the full beauty of the pins, on which i have poked myself numerous times, i must add :(

a charming wall hanging.

i don't usually buy tins, but this one caught my eye and for 79 cents how could it be wrong?

pretty little bowl - i like the bit of soft grey in the floral spray.

if anyone knows of other blogs with thrifted treasures, junk, garage sale finds...will you please leave a comment and point me in the right direction? thanks for visiting:)


Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Great finds. I especially like the pink roses dish. :)
I will be linking you! I've been meaning to link you because I visit so often.

Anonymous said...

i host a flickr group called, friday's finds. it's a place to share pix of all your treasures that you have found on your antiquing/thrifting/flea-ing adventures.

here is the link: http://flickr.com/groups/fridaysfinds/

love your finds...they are sweet! & yes, i do know what you mean about the thrill of the hunt!

:0) mary ann

Laurie said...

I post my finds on my blog (not every day)...come visit!


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