oh, etsy...

i've fallen in love with the offerings at the 5 dollar french market recently. these beautiful old spools with delicious seam binding are my current obsession - although i have several other items purchased there that i'll photograph and post another day...it's all so pleasing to the eye!

etsy is so easy to get lost in...i love to browse the beautiful items there. another of my favorites is this one - i love angela's handmade tags and roses and crepe trim and....everything...sigh.


Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

It's easy to become smitten by pretty etsy shoppes. sigh... :) I'm browsing now through 5 dollar french market (what a catchy user id!), and Angela's shoppe has been one of my favorites for some time, too. I love her grubby tags!
Your spools are lovely!

Jenny Fowler said...

I love Angela, she's my buddy. Those seam bindings are lovely! I need to check that out!

Angela Harris said...

hank you so much for talking about my Etsy shop! Thank you for becoming a loyal fan of my shop. It's so much fun to work hard to maintain being a favorite. I'm introducing lots of new products this week! Yeah!


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