there was more...

this trim wrapped bundle of bingo cards is perfectly simple and simply perfect - another gift in the lovely easter basket i received

and isn't this a lovely "bethany lowe style" piece that christine made? i can thank her for this new addiction - i had never really been familiar with bethany lowe's work until christine mentioned her as a favorite

more spring beauty - and i honestly still did not get photos of everything that was packed in that ribbon bedecked basket

the complete spring banner - it is so soft and timeless


kana said...

I like your pretty banner!

Le_Vintage said...

this is so incredible! i am so jealous =] can't wait to read you're future blogs, their so much fun!


Stephenie said...

*SIGH* I just love everything.. That banner is so sweet.. Love the basket with the egg... Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter..

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Love, love, love this blog.

Jessica Rodarte said...

Great swappy stuff. I especially love the bingo card with the pretty trims.
Happy Easter. :o)

Jennifer said...

I love the banner and the trimmed up bingo card. Awesome goodies! Happy Easter!

Christine Edwards said...

Mary, that actually is a Bethany Lowe ornament with the egg...I didn't make it. :-) Glad you enjoyed everything.

Barbara Jean said...

Love this banner!!

Barbara Jean


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