this broken and drooping hydrangea caught my eye today as i was working in this area of the house. i am also trying to remember where i bought the old step stool with the chippy drawers set on it - someone had put this together and i thought it looked appealing.

when we moved into this home almost nine years ago, it was only a couple of years old. we had moved from an old colonial style home with wooden floors and white painted trim throughout. it was a small, cozy, and wonderfully kept house, but it was in a very unkempt college neighborhood. i wanted to make our newer home look older, but my husband was reluctant to make any changes that would be permanent. so when i wanted to hang a little chandelier over the sink, it was clearly not going to happen:) i was very pleased when i came up with the idea of laying an old piece of chippy trim across the tops of the cupboards and adding a small hook...we were both happy!
this old fan works! isn't it a wonderful little thing? it was another of my estate sale finds from last week (and only two dollars!)

i wanted the walls to look old in our newer home, and we hired a couple of women who had wonderful skills to do the job. they did a technique that they called "frottage painting" and it was so fun to watch as the walls became more distressed in appearance. the light is less than ideal on these next photos but i wanted to share these today anyway. this is our family room...

one wall in our dining room (which i would like to turn into a library). this was lightly stenciled and looks worn also.

the beam that "divides" our living room from dining room

and a close-up

thanks for stopping by:)


Tracey said...

I LOVE the idea of hanging the chandi from an old, chippy board...gosh I might just have to use that one!!!

:) T

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

What a beautiful home! The treatments certainly set the stage. The fan is great. ~Mindy

June said...

I love the special touches around your home. I love the aged stenciled wall. I'm sure those treatments warm it up so nicely. I have a couple of chippy drawers similar to those that I have added to my decor. I love them.

common ground said...

The paint technique on your walls really adds dimension and a sense of age, and the stenciling is perfect. I love the "white on white" effect!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Just perfect, Mary. I love your warm and cozy, yet still elegant style.

sweetpea said...

Mary, I love that wall treatment! Keep the great pics coming!


trash talk said...

OOOHHH! I'm going to love going around and saying my new word...frotage...sounds like something only done behind closed doors!
What a great idea to use the chippy board for your chandelier. I am going to steal, I mean borrow that idea. There really isn't anything in the furdown to hold a light fixture, but with your idea, it will bear the weight just fine. Thank you!

Floss said...

Wonderful ways to create a vintage feel in a new home - thanks!

Musings of a Sea Witch said...

In love with the big white star against your wall. Take more pics and post. Sea Witch

the wild raspberry said...

that old fan is so great!!
have a wonderful weekend~

Beach Vintage said...

Love that old fan.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Mary, thanks so much for your sweet comment. Your home is just beautiful, please show us more. Have a great weekend, T


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