and so this {was} christmas

christmas 2009 at our home was truly white! there was a total of 17 inches of snow over three days - a real blizzard over christmas...very, very cozy, as long as everyone was safe! we had overnight guests for 5 nights, when the original plan was for 1 night:) and it all went very well...

here are some photos from around our christmas home...and i have really enjoyed looking around at your homes, too. thank you for the inspiration.


Rita said...

gorgeous Christmas decorations. the ourside of your home under that magical coverlet of snow looks so stunning and stunning look all your Christmas decorations. those lil white trees with buttons and felt are so cute and your wreath is amazing
wish you and your dear ones a happy and healthy 2010.

Lynn said...

Great pictures - I especially love your chandelier! Snowflakes are probably my favorite Christmas decorations :) Have a happy new year!

Christine Edwards said...

Mary, what a beautiful white Christmas you had...both outside and in. Simply beautiful decorations. Wishing you all of the best for 2010.

Karen Valentine said...

Oh your home is so lovely for Christmas!!! It truly IS a winter wonderland! The outside pics of the snow are so pretty! I rarely ever see snow unless we drive north to Flagstaff. I'm sure I would love it if I was able to stay warm and cozy inside! LOL!

I chose shades of white as well. I also asked to paired with a partner who wanted white, as I feel I can do a better job on the box that way. Maybe we will be partners!

Have a wonderful 2010 sweetheart. I have a feeling it's going to be a good one!

My Desert Cottage

Pretty Things said...

Everything is so BEAUTIFUL! It puts my humble attempts to shame. I particularly love the feather trees (really, all the trees!) and the white motif. The chandeliers are divine, too!

June said...

Beautiful whites for your Christmas my friend. All your holiday decor is gorgeous. ANd outside is magic!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I LOVE all your white; especially the frames and the stars. You always give me so much inspiration. I'm refreshed and ready to get back to blogging again!

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

Your photos are absolutely stunning, wow! Such lovely decorations, makes you want it to be Christmas all year round. :-)

Thank you so much for the wonderfully kind comments you left on my blog, you have no idea how much they meant to me.

Have a wonderful Thursday,

Jen R. said...

I love that scene over the fence! I want a view like that in my back yard!


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