a flower in the white space

once upon a time, long long ago - i signed up for a PIF over at tamerie's. i received a beautiful little pillow from her (she's a talented seamstress) almost immediately. but as for me? it took me forever to make this for her...i was seriously unable to come up with something that would incorporate her love of bright colors. not unwilling...truly unable! that is a sad commentary on my tiny little artistic box, i think:) then one day she posted this darling vintage photo of herself on her blog - and i was inspired!!! i made this painted canvas collage for her - and mailed it off to sunny california. now here is the thing i just love: tamerie posted this over on her blog a little of this that and the other. and look at what she did - she added another beautiful pink bloom in the "white space" and made it her own!!! i always have a fair amount of white space in my projects - and that is not for everyone, i know. i'm so glad you felt free to tweak this, tamerie:)


Melissa said...

Such a talent...So pretty!

Le_Vintage said...

that look so beautiful! i wish i had half the scrapping talent you do! guess i'll just stick to stamping. BTW I'm having a really fun giveaway over at my blog if you have a minute to pop on over you should check it out!

Le Vintage

Tamerie Shriver said...

Hi Mary

I just thought it looked like something fell off, so I added the pink bloom! It's a vintage flower I've had sitting around for ages and it seemed to want to be on your collage. I took the photo on the living room floor because I can't decide exactly where to hang it. The problem is my walls are plaster and every time I hammer a nail in, I make a big hole. So I'm hoping if I wait that won't happen! Yeah right! Anyway, thank you again for doing it in my colors! It fits in perfectly!


June said...

This is so sweet, Mary. I think it looks just like something that Tamerie would love.

Jessica said...

I love it- especially the painted yellow background. Just lovely.

Jessica said...

I love it- especially the painted yellow background. Just lovely.

Jeanneoli said...

These are gorgeous!!! Makes me miss scrapbooking..a little:-)


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