painful thoughts from a scattered mind...

or - more accurately - scattered thoughts from a painful mind! or mindful thoughts from scattered pain...oh, i give up. that's it. i just have to tell you that it is not fun to be an HSP with ADHD and just a touch of WEIRD. it's so strange - i am generally an optimist and i do enjoy life very much - laughter is my drug of choice:) yet i find myself hampered by the silliest things. i am acutely aware of everything in my environment...but that doesn't mean i have the tenacity to stick with changing things that bother me and seeing it through to the end. take, for example, my home. i am always doing things and yet never seem to reach closure. here's a peek into my world:

shots from my studio

now the next few photos look fairly good...

but the reality is that most spaces look like this.

and this.

so then when i get frustrated with that chaos - i start infiltrating the rest of the house with what i so smugly call "staging areas". hah! staging area 1 as it looks today.

staging area 2. my husband snickers and pretends to believe that these are very temporary situations. because really they are - none has ever lasted longer then 6 months. ack!

and then i decided that i would join my friends on a crafting week-end this coming friday through sunday. in light of that, i wrote my dear friend an email:
"dear dana,
since you'll get there first and choose our beds and tables, etc...i have a very few minor specifications, a "504 plan" for scrapping, if you will!
1) must have access to window (fresh air issues)
2) must sleep by the door (for claustrophobia issues)
3) must not face into the sun (bright light hurts eyes)
4) must not have back to anyone in scrapping room (startle easily)
5) must be seated by you and jen
if only it really was just a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i think of anything else, i'll let you know!
now her loving and compassionate reply and our subsequent email exchange deserves a separate post - so i'll be back later with that. honest!


Jessica said...

I'm with you and totally get what you're saying. Like, totally. :)

Floss said...

Interesting how your photos look like our house - the good and the bad! The English poet Pam Ayres wrote about "Girt 'eaps of stuff", and I am afraid we go in for girt heaps of stuff at home.

Your HSP information was very helpful, especially when considering some problems our boys have had over the years. Sensitivity to noise and texture, especially. Thanks and I do hope you enjoy your crafting weekend.

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Mary you crack me up!!! We all have our areas of total chaos! Mine is in the finished garage just off the kitchen. It was turned into a room before we bought the house, but in10 years it has never stayed neat and tidy for more than a week!!!!!

My Desert Cottage

Debra@Common Ground said...

I totally relate, you should see my worktable. I can't even see the top of it for all the clutter. But at least things are all within reach. Have a great day!

Pretty Things said...

I'm that way about windows and doors -- so I totally understand!

Laurie said...

Mary, I relate to much of your email. As to the specs for your scrapping weekend, well, I do prefer to have a soft chair...that's about it! :)

Christine Edwards said...

Mary, you are not alone. I still have stuff out from my Christmas projects! And I totally get the staging areas, as I do the same thing. I keep saying I'm going to go through it all and pare down and organize...and I just keep bringing more stuff home. (sigh!) I think there's a method to our madness, and it will all work out.

Judi said...

I feel your frustration! I seem to have some type of similar problem. I just can't get a handle on the clutter. Hard as I try, organizing it tough!!! Judi

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Too funny...and sooo true for me too.

I just took some pics of my garage and part of my bedroom....I looked at them and am a bit scared to post them on my blog.

I am going to overcome my embarrassment......posting them in a few days.

Lucky for me....my garage is so full of junk~that I just went shopping in the boxes I was going to give to goodwill. Hubby should have ran with those boxes when he had the chance!

oliviapaige said...

Mary you are tooo funny! "Staging Areas" I think that probably translates into, "Anyone Who Crafts".

I am trying my best to stay organized but then I don't want to mess it up so I just set and look at how pretty it all is. What!! Get to work and mess it up!

Olivia Paige

Janean said...

i clean. i don't craft.
i craft. i mess it all up.
i stare.....for months...at the mess.
i clean.

(is this the ca-razy cycle of life?)


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