little thrifted things

here are a few thrift store finds i thought you might enjoy!  i couldn't say no to this little apron even though i don't collect them...i knew i'd find a purpose for it, and the price was right.

pretty aqua plastic doilies

with the original packaging - love that:)

the graphics on these old game cards are precious

a few of these are missing...but still i love them

lovely old belt buckles and a couple of shade pulls; these were an etsy purchase

and a few more big vintage buckles.  it's hard to say what i'll end up using these for - but i enjoy just looking at them, for now!


Laurie said...

How yummy! I remember those plastic doilies from when I was a kid! But we never had them in aqua - what a special find!

Amy said...

Well post pictures of what you use your buckles for! I have a bunch of mother of pearl ones from my great grandmother. Not sure what to do with them either. I thought they would be neat curtain tie backs but I have no curtains! :) So they sit in a dish as eye candy.

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Great finds! I love that owl flashcard!!

Stevie said...

fabulous finds! I love the aqua doilies and flash cards! Just got your package (WOW FABULOUS). I'm uploading to flickr and my blog. Going to email you then! xo

Pretty Things said...

How fun!

Becca said...

Just found your blog tonight. You find the greatest things. Thrifting in my area is not so great. For now I am happy to see what others find. Thanks for sharing.


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