pretty things and paper guns

pretty banner made from vintage linens, a find on etsy last year.  it's so soft and adds a touch of spring to our family room.  it reminds me that i wish i knew how to sew...something on my to-do list, definitely.

this is just a little glimpse of my inspiration board right now...decluttered, but with lots of things waiting to be added!

thrifted baubles and tins for crafting

i'm not sure if i've posted a photo before of my little collection of jewelry chests.  i have a rule that i buy them if they're 1- 2 dollars or less - i've seen widely varying prices on these!  i think they sometimes sell on etsy for 10 times that amount; but then again, i haven't looked lately:)

a stamp storage solution, finally:)  i need to "see" my stamps and these little plastic cases were 50% off at joann's last week. perfect for me.

i didn't really realize i had a little collection of hats until i started on my organizing journey...it is so fun to rediscover things!  most of the time, that is...there are always a few items that make me shake my head:) 

i have absolutely NO interest in guns.  and i would prefer that my boys didn't either. but i have to confess that i spent 2.5 hours helping my 8 year old make this paper gun one day over the long easter week-end...it was a torturous process, but in the end, it was a project we could do together:)  and that's how i'm looking at it...

and i'd sincerely like your opinion on this.  i have been taking photos of some items we'd like to sell, in the effort to declutter and simplify our home.  i never thought twice about this item, until i downloaded the photo - and now i'm unsure.  would you keep or sell?  it is certainly a lot more formal than most of the things in our home at this point...yet it has a certain vintagey charm.  it literally looks like it's glowing, and this photo was taken in natural light... it honestly does look like this on a sunny day.  we bought this when we were first married and we had a more formal feel to the home we lived in then.  i know it can work in any setting, but i'd welcome your thoughts:)

sell?  or keep?

i am so eager to see the posts from Round Top!  my one and only visit there, so far, was for the 2009 spring show - and it was completely wonderful...so i'm excited for the "reports" and photos for this year:)


vintage girl at heart said...

A Keeper!!
I think if you are hesitant to sell it then you love it and will regret it!!
I have been redoing my inspiration board too and working on getting my crafting junque a little more organized!!!
Love your images.

Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Hello! Just scrolling through some blog lists and your name caught my eye. Lovely blog.

CeCe said...

Only you can answer the question--
I would sell---
only because I am in the mood to really get rid of things I am not using. I tend to hold on, hold on.
Try this, put it away for a month and see if you miss it. If you don't --- sell it.
If you do-- hang it and keep it hanging!
Lovely blog-
I attended Round Top last fall and have many times before. I would go every single time if I could!!! Luv it!

Jürgen said...

Keep it, this are a great painting. I like it very much regrads juergen

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I keep thinking I need to put up an inspiration board especially at work since that's where a lot of my inspiration comes from. Hope you have a great Friday, T

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Mary,
I would say... if you are unsure, then it means you don't absolutely love it anymore. If you are trying to "clean house" then I would say sell, and use the money for something that you do LOVE!!!!

My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

Thrifted Treasure said...

It's pretty, keep it!! I love the bunting, I've been working on bunting on and off for my boys since Jan 2009 and now am finally close to finishing it! finally!!!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

You have such charming collections, Mary. I noticed we have a few of the same stamps. *chuckle*
I can see the gun took a while to make; I can imagine where a boy would be thrilled with it.
... I'm with Karen, you should sell it and buy something you love.

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Hi Mary, I'm back to tell you that I'm hosting a swap: a Pretty Pockets Swap, and I would love to have you participate. If you're busy, I understand, but I'd love to have you join.


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