"another time"

my mom and i had a wonderful day together a few weeks back.  we drove off to a small town about an hour away and spent the day antiquing, thrifting, and enjoying a fabulous lunch at this place.  to say that the food is good is a huge understatement.  every item is homemade - from the salad dressing to the spinach quiche to the incredible choice of desserts.  one of my favorite items is a half canteloupe with a scoop of the most flavorful chicken salad i've ever tasted nestled in the middle. mmmm.

the restaurant is in an old house, with several rooms to choose from for seating.  this photo shows the back room, where the ceiling is painted with the most lovely sky and clouds...very well done. 

i loved the "valance" in this room, fashioned from pretty vintage aprons.  so lovely when the sunlight shines through...

here's a closer look at the ceiling and an interesting old chandelier

another room, in which vintage purses were used to hold dried flowers on the wall; and also propped open on the tables as containers for condiment packages 

the creamy lemon pie...i'm at a loss for words.  it was really that. good.

i also really appreciated the mixed plates, glasses, silver, cloth napkins - no two pieces match.  it's just charming!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

It looks lovely! And anywhere that serves homemade, fresh food gets a thumbs up from me. Thanks for sharing! ~Mindy

vintage girl at heart said...

love places like that and so do my girls!
glad y'all had a good time!

Sea Witch said...

Oh man, what a marvelous little lunch establishment you have found. I would be a regular. adore the whimsy of the aprons as valances and cafe curtains. Sea Witch


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