growing things

this year i filled my shabby white planters with hot white lobelia and i love the airy look of the tiny flowers

a better look at the planter, with its rusty and peeling white finish

the view as you approach our front door

i'm really liking the cast iron welcome sign, new this year from hobby lobby:)

one of our hydrangeas...getting closer to blooming every day

wine and roses weigala - the color of the blooms and leaves on these are just magnificent - the leaves turn a deep, dark wine color throughout the season.  and the blooms continue spring to fall. 

a few shots of our young hostas

and our big excitement this summer is a trial of mel bartholomew's square foot gardening !!!!  we were introduced to this incredibly sensible idea by my sister, who started this method of gardening last year and just loves it:)  this concept has been around for 25 years and is very sound and easy and doable!  i have never had the patience for traditional row gardens...but i am confident that this will be perfect for us.  i just received the book from amazon today - and have been devouring it - i would never have believed it!  the author is a retired engineer who spent years researching how to grow a garden efficiently and effectively.  his principles are well researched and well proven...and so easy!!!

i love that this gardening method really engages children...

here's a shot of the cedar tree that my older son brought home as a tender little shoot in a paper cup back in first grade...here they are 5 years later.  love this photo!

a bird perched on our front step...

and close-ups of my precious little white birds on stakes...

oh - and percy (the bossy white puppy) says hello and thanks for stopping by!  you're welcome here anytime:)


rustandruffles said...

How lucky you are to have some sunshine!!??!! Love your planters, and your yard is so warm and welcoming!
Happy day!

Lynn said...

The vegetable gardens look great - I have a shady yard so I'm totally jealous!

Carol Mae said...

I love the white flowers in your rustic planters. So Lovely and all the cool birds and one very cute puppy. Many Smiles, CArol Mae

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Your planters are so pretty and the white flowers in them look like lace. The vegie garden is something we have talked about but have not done, you are right, that looks doable. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by, Theresa


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