backyard happenings

our backyard has been a work in progress for years now.  and by that, i mean just the basics - planting trees, putting in a deck, planting a garden for the first time.  do you remember my square acre, mile, i mean foot garden?  planted with excitement this spring?  back when it looked like this?

well, here's a photo from june - back when i still felt competent and on top of things.  and hopeful.  i planted the whole back portion of the garden with white pumpkins - baby boo and lumina varieties, to be exact.  i hoped that at least a few would take root and grow - and i looked forward to having some fabulous white pumpkins for fall - my favorite season!

reality hit me this morning.  really hard.  over the head.  i went out to water my little plot and realized i should be picking beans.  except that i can't really tell which plant is which now, and true to form, i quickly felt overwhelmed by the whole project.  i think i overplanted.  even though i did follow the recommendations from the book.  i should have realized that those quidelines were for your average, normal person.  when i get out there and the mosquitoes are whining and biting, i lose my perspective very quickly.

here's a shot of the backside of the garden - huge, lush vines and leaves growing down the little slope and onto the fence.  this i can handle because for now all i have to do is water, train the vines a bit, and watch them grow.

so thrilled to see the tiny white pumpkins!  i promise there will be more photos of these in months to come:)

and now on to another mistake promising scene from the backyard.  see this circle all staked out? and the dead grass? and the former tree in the foreground? well - let's just say this: don't ever believe it if someone assures you that round-up does not kill trees!!!  that's all i'll say.                           

hard at work in early july, preparing the foundation for a fire pit. (i guess we can always break off small limbs and use them for kindling...)  the tree killer guy in charge of this is my dear husband and he has poured a lot of time and energy into this project - i'll give you that much.  it's just that i can't seem to get over the fact that our very healthy and beautfiul and large tree is dead!!! 

i love the worn look of these pavers and really we have not spent that much time out here arguing about discussing the demise of that beautiful tree. after all, a new one will be that big in only 10-20 years.  really.

and, unable to post without including a somewhat thrifty/vintage photo, i leave you with these wonderful little metal, lipped, sign pieces that i bought recently.  and really - in a way - they do symbolize our summer in the backyard!


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Backyards are definitely so much work, but you're looks lovely even as it is in progress.
I love that those vintage signs are symbolic of your summer in the backyard! lol

SixBalloons said...

Ah Round Up is actually banned in Vancouver where I live. I'd suggest a fig tree because they grow lush and big very quickly and of course the fruits are delicious!

The Country Nest said...

Round up kills everything, great on bittersweet, but oh you need to be careful. You should gets loads of pumpkins and you garden looks great, nothing ventured, nothing gained!!!

trash talk said...

Those baby pumpkins are so stinking cute! Your garden looks fantastic...so green. Everything here is so brown!

Christine Edwards said...

Wow, you certainly have a huge project going on there. So sorry your tree didn't make it, but just think of all the cute little pumpkins you'll have. I never even thought about growing my own white ones. Looking forward to seeing their progress.


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