vintage patterns and halloween...eek!

what could be more fun than combining two such loved themes? this may or may not be for a swap...it may or may not be for me...but it definitely was fun to put together:)

mounted on a small canvas, it's very simple in design. i just couldn't seem to find the right thing to put around the pattern image - so i let it be.

as you can plainly see, i had free help while putting together hayley's swap box:) isn't he honestly precious? he joined our family this week at my younger son's 9th birthday party. puppies and tulle?... just perfect!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! Also, your puppy is sooo cute.

Little Pink Studio said...

they have the perfect witchy look. :)

trash talk said...

I was thinking to myself "how cute is this?" then I saw the puppy! Now that really is "how cute is this!"!


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