vintage halloween blog party

joan at anything goes here is hosting this vintage party today and i am linking up with my recent spooky little  vintage treasures! i was browsing an antique mall (which is usually too spendy for my thrifty, junky tastes) and spied a little flash of halloween 'something'. thinking it would be very overpriced but curious nonetheless, i turned and picked up this little set of decorative picks.  i couldn't help but smile at the witch's face!  and i smiled even more when i realized the whole cluster of four picks was marked only $3 - i could afford to spend that:)

each figure is covered in some type of velvety material - i cannot think of the correct word, for the life of me!  mr owl is precious - he looks more inquisitive than menacing, to me.

i think this cat might need corrective eye treatment of some type, but i love him as he is

and if you can look at this face without a grin, you're more stoic than i will ever be:)

she just cracks me up

and the necessary pumpkin

as i've said many times, i'm not a knowledgeable junker; i just know what i like when i see it. so this may have been overpriced...and i'm none the wiser!  but it makes me happy and i think you vintage lovers will appreciate it, too.  thanks for stopping by! it's not too late to link up to the party.  thanks to joan for hosting another vintage holdiay blog gathering...


Donna said...

Great vintage Halloween! I do remember the flocked decorations as a child. Maybe I'm vintage now too!! Donna...the 3rd sister

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Cute pics, gotta love the witch:@)

Kim K. said...

Stopping by from the Vintage Halloween Blog Party. I love your Halloween picks. I have several on my Halloween tree! I'm coveting yours too!

Happy Halloween!

Nook Cranny Gifts said...

Great vintage picks
Happy Halloween

~~Carol~~ said...

Those picks are "flocked", and what a great find they are! I would have been so giddy to see those, because the prices for Halloween stuff in antique stores is outrageous. Enjoy them!
Happy Halloween!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

How cute!! Love the little flocked halloween picks!

Elaine said...

wonderful little picks for Halloween. They don't make much with the guzzy stuff on them anymore.

New to your blof.. It's charming.

Jean Tuthill said...

I love those vintage flocked ornaments. Happy Halloween and have a great weekend.


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