a little merry

it's so fun to check in to blogland lately and see all the holiday inspiration! it gives me the extra little spark that i need to get going with my decorating.  so far i haven't done too much but i'd like to share these photos for a start. i don't think i've shown these butter pats before - i found them in a little, forgotten thrift store - for 50 cents each.  how fast do you think my heart was pounding as i casually screamed picked up all 12 of them and headed to the checkout?!?

i'm cheating with these next photos - they're from last year.  but i love them and they made me smile this morning.  especially because they reminded me of this site (discovered through my niece's blog)!?!?!?  i mean, how likely is it that large snowflakes would actually be dangling indefinitely from my chandelier? (um. since i live in north dakota, it's very realistic, on second thought.)

my treasured, handmade house from a swap last year!

so anyway - i stole this image from catalog living - just to show you what i'm talking about.  i really think that most of us bloggers who love shelter magazines will get more than a few laughs out of this site:) it's so dry and tongue-in-cheek, and just plain hilarious!  if you find a favorite and feel like linking back here, i'd love to see what strikes your fancy.  here you go:

"Kindling? Check. Two dozen votives? Check. Gingerbread family on their way to a nice insurance settlement? Check."
(courtesy of molly erdman at catalog living)

have yourself a merry little day!


Unknown said...

Hey, another ND blogger. I hadn't realized before that you were here in ND. :) I really enjoy checking out your posts. Such pretty snowflakes. And the butter pats are great. I know that 'act casual', while your heart is racing at a good find!

June said...

That is hilarious! A disaster for sure.lol!
I think that during last weeks cold spell you would definitely have snowflakes and icicles hanging from that beautiful thing.

Marie L said...

Oh my you have a lovely blog. What a beautiful place to visit.

Christine Edwards said...

Mary! I am a terrible bloggy friend. It probably seems like I've been avoiding you (and I sorta have, only because I'm so embarrassed that I didn't get back to you about the photos in a timely manner...I do have them ready to email to you if you're still interested.) I'm loving your December Daily album, it's so pretty and looks perfect for you. I've always admired Ali's albums too, but have never taken the plunge. ;-) Of course your decorations are simply beautiful too. Hope you're enjoying some merriment.

red.neck chic said...

Goodness - I would have thumb wrestled you for those butter pats! LOVE 'EM!


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