when will inspiration strike?

since i haven't accomplished much in the way of decorating yet...i thought i'd post a few favorite shots from last year.  i know how much i love peeking into your homes and seeing your holiday decor and projects! hopefully, i'll have more to share soon. 

still love my three handcrafted trees from last year - hmm, that makes me want to go find them, buried somewhere in the recesses of our basement storage room.

i believe that buttons in shades of white and cream are one of the most beautiful crafting items in the world...

and the yarn from a thrift store looked pretty cozy, too.  the felt circles were inspired by someone's blog last year - if i find it, i'll post the link.

last year's family room mantel.

i forgot i had 3 white feather trees!

i hope you're all enjoying the season!


trash talk said...

I've done so little decorating this year, I'm thinking of just taping up copies of everyone's photos!

Fishtail Cottage said...

all your trees are so darling! i especially love the feather trees!!! xoox

Catharina Maria said...

I love all the whites and the button tree is very nice !
Love from the Netherlands ♥RINI♥

flax and spindle said...

oh my gosh I love all of it!!


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