snow on the hydrangeas

there is so much beauty in winter, i think. i love the calm, the coziness, the stark beauty. i love the fierceness of a howling blizzard, given that everyone is safe. even a softly falling cascade of glittering snowflakes is truly magical to me. i thought i'd share a couple of photos taken at my parents' home a few weeks ago, before we had much snow. i love the snow on the hydrangeas...

i know i'm not one of the majority, in loving winter. and that's okay.

because i have at least one other little friend who agrees with me!

on a different note, i've been having a wonderful and productive time the last few weeks, working on Project Life. i do believe i have found the long awaited solution to my memory keeping challenges - too many photos, not enough time, and mainly - my struggles with structure and consistency. i'm thrilled at what i have come up with so far! and i will be back with photos of my pages in the next couple of days...this is an incredible concept and i'd love to inspire even one other person to consider giving it a try! see you soon:)

oh - and one more thing. if you do follow that link - don't be overwhelmed with the physical materials you see. none of them are an absolute necessity, in my humble opinion - except for the photo pocket pages. and there are many people who are doing this without those...it's all so flexible. i'm eager to share more soon!

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chateau chic said...

I'm one of those who also loves the snow and appreciate all the seasons, including winter.
Your newest follower, Mary Alice


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