i'm not anti-social...just computer challenged

i miss my blog and my more frequent posting. true, i've never been a daily poster...but i was here more often than recent months reflect. the truth is, i have been discouraged by our frequent computer troubles over the past year plus!

right now i'm posting from a borrowed laptop - so no photos of my own to share - and i simply can't post without one. so i'll find an image somewhere:)

if and when this pc gets fixed or replaced, i have photos to share of my project life album. still loving the concept and the process...i'm getting more of our life documented than ever before. i'm eager to share some of that here:)

"stuff" i am loving right now:

                                                             le box boutique

                                                                {a flair for buttons}

                                                                these chevron badges

                  eagerly awaiting this fabulous kit from studio calico - april's main kit - city of lights

                                              along with this gorgeous add-on - sorbonne

so i've got my fingers crossed that there will be an answer to my computer dilemmas soon...and then i hope to be around here more. i know that there is a trend away from blogging in general, but i will always love it. i still visit my favorite blogs and am always finding new ones to draw inspiration from! happy thursday!!!

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