autumn...and holding

yes, we've had a bit of snow...and yes, my thoughts are turning towards christmas. but - i'm still enjoying the last of autumn and these pumpkins still adorn our table. it just doesn't seem right to change the decor until thanksgiving...

this old and water-damaged art is something i pull out every fall and place on the mantel or prop against a wall somewhere. this year, i found the sweetest little owls in the target 2.50 bins and added them to the mix.

they just caught my eye and tickled my fancy:) especially for 50% off - why not?!? with $3.75 invested in this little vignette, i don't feel too guilty if they only stick around for one season;)

are you still enjoying autumn...or have you moved on to winter decor? either way - hope you're happy and healthy!!!

1 comment:

Jessica Rodarte said...

I am hanging on to as much fall as I can. The pumpkins on your table make me happy.

Those owls must have went fast at my Target because I would have snatched those up, too. :)


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