december daily 2012...a revelation:)

it will sound funny to you, most likely. but it has taken me 3 years of december daily albums to finally realize something that to me is "big". i love monochromatic schemes when it comes to albums like this. i crave a sort of 'minimalism' to keep things calm and cohesive.
in retrospect, i did this unconsciously with my 2010 album. and even my 2011 album - mostly monochromatic. (which reminds me - i've never shared any of the 2011 album here...i'll do that over the next month or so).
it may sound silly, as i said, but it's a big "aha" moment for me to realize what works for me. because i love so many of the december daily albums i see around blogland and message boards - they're bright and vibrant and multicolored. but i just haven't been able to articulate that in my albums. so glad to have the clarity:) i can still admire and enjoy those other beautiful albums - but for me, it doesn't work to have many colors.
so here is my simple cover. i embossed this stamp and then added silver Thickers. then i misted over the rest of the chipboard cover.

next i covered the brown fabric with white duck tape and added a strip of silver and white washi tape.

i'm new to misting - i see imperfections. it bothered me for a day or two...but now i'm truly buying into ali's mantra to "embrace the imperfection". it's really ok - nobody but me will even take notice.

here's my little collection of supplies (which has since grown a bit) that i started out with before finally deciding on very simple, repetitive foundation pages. i'll be sharing those in the next day or two - just waiting for some decent light to take photos.

this makes me happy. it resonates with me in terms of being simple, calm, and cohesive.

thanks for stopping by:)


Abbey said...

I like the monochrome look. I've settled on a "set" of colors this year and stuck with them through the foundation. It did feel more comfortable. Here's hoping I stick with the colors throughout the process. Good luck!

Ursula Schneider said...

This is brilliant! And it's always best to do what you do best right!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Can`t wait to see what you create with this!

Anonymous said...

Love Your Album! I love the monochrome look, it is simple yet stunning!

Anonymous said...

Love Your Album! I love the monochrome look, it is simple yet stunning!

sharon71 said...

Beautiful, I love the simplicity of your album.

Annette said...

Agree- I love the simplicity and choosing a color scheme. Last year I was too much all over the place and it made it hard for me. I chose my colors last summer and started collecting papers, etc that would work. Really love having that for cohesion and to simplify the process. Your cover is beautiful!!


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